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Monon Bell game: DePauw needs to kick degenerates' butts

Today DePauw University, my alma mater, plays football against a team from Crawfordsville for the Monon Bell. This is “the oldest rivalry west of the Allegheny Mountains,” but colleges and universities should not play a game that, long-term, leads to brain damage from “CTE”. 1/6

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy: progressive degenerative disease from repeated concussions & traumatic brain injuries. CTE destroys lives of players & their loved ones. College is a time to expand,…


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trump does a blackmail thing on DeSantis & DeSantis should remember: Khartoum!

trump, et al, in this iteration of the GOP laud “law & order.” trump’s threats toward FL’s Gov DeSantis illustrate how trump actually breaks the law to give others orders. trump’s statement is like Tom Hagen’s message to a movie director in Godfather I. Remember Khartoum? 1/5

If DeSantis runs for Pres in ‘24, trump will reveal "things about him that won't be very flattering - I know more about him than anybody - other than, perhaps, his wife." Blackmail is obtaining $, goods, or…


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Musk is as much of a financial genius as trump. I'm not kidding

Elon Musk has taken over Twitter and appears to be trashing it. He can afford to trash it. He has Saudi & Chinese financing. Authoritarians tend to hang together. Musk also is proving he’s as much of a financial genius as trump. Ppl likened Twitter to the mythical town square. 1/3

You know, where ppl could speak their minds on any topic. Problems: the town square never was owned by an individual & Musk has reason to destroy it in this crucial time before the mid-terms. Musk…


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Vote: don't let this be our last free election

A couple of scenes in “Casablanca” move me to tears. And when I go the last mile or so of the Mini, same thing happens. In 2020, to see so many in line waiting so long to vote got to me in the same way. This week it got to me, but differently. 1/3

This might be our last free election. Leaders of this iteration of the GOP are bent on absolute rule. Wisconsin’s GOP candidate for Governor promised: “Republicans will never lose another election in Wisconsin after I'm elected governor.”…


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This iteration of the Indiana GOP's silly platform.

Rep Ed De Laney, Democratic incumbent in Indiana’s 86th House District. I am the nominee of the GOP. Tomorrow, 10/31, 11:45 a.m.-1:45 p.m, we shall discuss women’s reproductive rights, the environment, guns, marijuana, and school finance & curricula.

IN GOP’s 2022 platform states the GOP “provides women the greatest freedom and framework for prosperity for themselves and our families” (p. 5) but lauds overturning of Roe (p. 4) and says the GOP’s “long history of electing…


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Conversation between opponents for IN House Distr 86 at 11:30 a.m. on 10/31

Tomorrow, Monday October 31 at 11:30 a.m., an event (perhaps unusual in these times) will occur on Civil Discourse Now (on Facebook and YouTube). Opponents for a seat in the Indiana House of Representatives will have a conversation, without a moderator, about issues. 1/4

Rep Ed De Laney is the Democratic Party nominee and the incumbent in Indiana’s 86th House District. From the GOP will be me, Mark Small. I won the primary. We shall discuss women’s reproductive rights, the…


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A Conversation Between Opponents, Mon Oct 31 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

On Monday, October 31 at 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. on
Facebook and on YouTube,
Rep Ed De Laney, of the Democratic Party and
the incumbent in Indiana’s 86th House District,
and Mark Small, nominee of the Republican
Party for that seat, will discuss
Women’s reproductive rights, the environment,
guns, school finance & curricula, and

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Vermont has a progressive GOP candidate for U.S. House! I'm not alone.

I’m the pro-choice, pro-green, pro-civil rts, pro-sep’n of church & State, anti-gun GOP nominee for IN House Distr 86 & have been blunt. We can’t abandon one the 2 “major” parties to forces of bigotry & ignorance. I’m not alone. Liam Madden is VT nominee for US House. 1/4

He served in the Marines & has worked in renewable energy, as a farm hand & as a waiter. He served as director of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He’s anti-MAGA GOP nominee for VT’s seat in U.S.…


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This iteration of IN GOP isn't accountable to voters

In 1987's “Predator,” Blain played by (later Minn Gov) Jesse Ventura said the predator was “dug in like an Alabama tick” an apt metaphor for how this iteration of the IN GOP in 2005 used our election laws to grab control of the party & never give it up. If these laws aren’t changed? 1/4

Any political party should be accountable to voters, the most basic way being a take-over by the voters. IN’s GOP was set up to protect the control of a few. “State Committee is the supreme party…


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GOP wasn't based on religion, so MAGA cultists should take care whom they call "trash."

The following invocation occurred at a rally attended by trump ppl at Manheim PA last weekend:

“God, open the eyes of Pres Trump’s understanding, that he will know how to implement divine intervention. And you will not surround him with RINO trash, in the name of Jesus.” NO! 1/7

MAGA ppl, ignorant of origins of the GOP & of U.S. history, are Republicans “in name only.” A 1st meeting of the GOP was held 3/1/1854 & issued & stood: “Resolved, that all of the outrages…


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Submit podcasts of your belief or faith to Broad Ripple GOP Club FB page now!

IMPORTANT: As noted last evening, Broad Ripple (“BR”) GOP Club posted on its FB page a podcast, “Faith, Family & Politics.” The 1st Amend: “[N]o law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The BR GOP Club has to allow free 1/5

expression of all beliefs about our place in the universe. “God” isn’t the property of the far right. And the GOP isn’t owned by Jesus. That’s why I encourage people of any and all beliefs to seek to have their…


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Adherents to all beliefs about our place in the cosmos should submit podcasts to BR GOP

“God” isn’t the property of the far right. The Framers did not mention a deity in The Constitution & did not open sessions w/prayer. In 1803, James Madison wrote “separation of church & state is to keep forever fr these shores” strife soaked the soil of Europe w/blood for centuries.” 1/5

On Broad Ripple (“BR”) GOP Club’s FB page episode 37 of podcast, “Faith, Family & Politics” is been posted & advances evangelicalism. Christianity is the theme. 1st Amend: “[N]o law…


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Worried about the economy? Why in the hell look to this iteration of the GOP for answers?

Leaders of this iteration of the GOP are smug in their nihilism, the title “party of No” earned as then-Sen Obama was elected Pres. Problem: once obstruction is a strategy, a shift to doing something positive is difficult. That’s why we must recognize the threat this poses. 1/5

GOP policies: tax breaks 4 vulture capitalists that get fat fr destruction of profitable businesses; tax breaks for the already-rich; eliminating regs that protect the environment; overturning Roe v Wade; &…


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Parents should not have input in curricula of public schools

A) Your kid is incredibly sick & the meds that always worked before don’t. Do you want your kid’s M.D. to have been taught from first grade, & maybe through med school, that “evolution” is just a “theory”? (Hint: if meds are over-used, pathogens evolve.) 1/4

B) You & your family board an airliner. Do you want the plane designed by engineers who’ve been taught that only “God” is infinite & therefore repeating numbers (like the value for Pi) can’t exist? What about all…


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IN budget surplus should go to infrastructure: e.g., healthcare

A 60-ish male is prudent to consult a urologist, especially if residual neuropathy makes a catheter necessary to tap a kidney. Urinary tract infections (UTI)s are not uncommon for ppl who use catheters. Urologist’s office this morning: couldn’t get to it & go see Doc-in-the-Box. 1/4

1) Indiana has a budget surplus in the billions. We need to shore up infrastructure, in healthcare, roads & education. People do not want to work on the front lines in healthcare. Pay sucks, the…


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Gov't overreach: requiring prescription for catheters


In 1994 I was mis-diagnosed w/MS. Over 21 years and six neurologists later, the diagnosis was revised: transverse myelitis simultaneously w/a really bad virus, initial treatment for which was the same as MS. Neither waist-down paralysis nor “residual neuropathy” was imaginary. 1/5

This individualized “residual neuropathy” has meant use of a catheter to urinate. Ideally one uses a new catheter each time, to avoid urinary tract infections (UTI). Purchase of catheters (16-18" in…


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Crucial differences between Hitler and tfg

Ppl unfairly compare Hitler to the individual who held the Oval Office 2017-2021 (“tfg”). There are significant differences: 1) Hitler did not dodge the draft, but enlisted, fought in WW I & twice was awarded the Iron Cross (though we don’t know if Hitler had bone spurs; 1/4

2) Hitler actually wrote (Hess typed) the best seller published under his name, but tfg had ghost writers; 3) Hitler was “in the black” financially (mostly from book sales) when he took office, while tfg who…


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Congressional leaders on Jan 6 could not get protection

Leaders of both houses of Congress called federal, then State, authorities to protect those leaders & their staffs as The Capitol was stormed on 1/6/21. The leaders of Congress were stonewalled. That refusal to provide assistance was malicious and cannot be forgiven. 1/3

In “The Godfather,” Michael Corleone, at the hospital to visit his father, is shocked: no guards are present. He moves Vito to another room. It’s obvious Vito was to be killed. MAGA: don’t brag on the internet…


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Agree w/me? Pass the word to 3 friends & ask them to do the same

Money drives American politics. Nearly (minus those who have $$$ &/or benefit from it) decries how people simply buy office. Ideas and positions on issues are supposed to be the essence of a political campaign. Early voting has begun. My platform: 1) Fight gun ignorance. 1/4

NRA’s $$$ (Todd Young loves their green) has blocked peer reviewed studies of guns as health threat. We were taught the Fed/State thing allows States to experiment where the Fed won’t or can’t. I propose…


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The First Amendment in action!

We’ve seen this movie: would-be-military groups who “parade to incite terror & claim to be sole voices of a greater power.” Those who fail to study history have to repeat the class & drag the rest of us along. The evils don’t recur all at once & some have an illusion of time-outs. 1/6

For example, public school students were required to salute the flag, by extending the right arm, palm upward, and declare: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…


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