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Wisconsin vote fraud: evidence

If this link did not make it, check out Mike Farb's video on YouTube. 

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Trump violates oath: EPA Great Lakes appointee

Trump has chosen Cathy Stepp as head of the EPA’s Great Lakes Region. The Great Lakes contain over 80 percent of Earth’s fresh water. Earth is the planet on which we live. Fresh water is what we need to drink.

Stepp is a high school graduate, former state senator, and served as head of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources from 2011-2017. She has no college education. A bachelor’s or graduate degree is no guarantee a person will be competent, but gone are the days when a…


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Pres Obama never had a derriere-kissing line of officials

The past couple of days I expressed to friends who are right-wing my disgust with members of Congress standing, one after another, to say Trump is great. Two of my friends said, “Democrats did the same thing with Obama.”

I want to be clear. I am open to consider whatever proof one might offer for positions with which I disagree. I am open to consider facts that contradict philosophies or policies in which I believe. I still await someone who can disprove the New York Yankees are evil,…


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Separating the "pro" from the "bono": a case of deja vu all over again

If you crib someone else’s work, check for errors in names spelled. But in regard to suits that seek Trump removal, bottom-line is the more, the merrier.

The Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”) has docketed Shane, et al v U.S., et al, 17-857, a Petition for Writ of Mandamus (“Mandamus Petition”) and appointment of Special Master. Voters from “swing States” seek to nullify the results of the 2016 election.

Sound familiar?

January: three women, in Blumstein, dkt…


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Suit to Remove Farenthold from Ballot: only a human has standing for violation of "rights"

U.S. Representative Blake Farenthold announced he will not seek re-election after accusations of sexual improprieties were raised against him. His announcement came too late to remove his name from the ballot for the primary election. His announcement came after the deadline, under Section 172.052(a) of the Texas Election Code, for removal of a candidate’s name from the primary ballot.

The Republican Party of Texas, its chair (in his official capacity), and a registered voter from the…


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Franken: betrayed before fair hearing, and for what?

Al Franken was forced to resign from the Senate by leaders of his own party without due process against allegations either baseless or brought anonymously.

Due process is a premise of our society, both in law and in daily life. One is not convicted and sentenced without a trial in which one has a right to face one’s accusers. In daily life we refrain from decisions until we know “all the facts,” less formal than law, but the same concept. Due process = basic fairness.



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Don't like Trump? Go to Costa Rica or Vermont

This weekend as friends and I conversed about the 2016 election, a person at the next table must have heard a buzz phrase. “Don’t like Trump? Move to Costa Rica or Vermont.” I started to reply, but he muttered something about “fake news,” turned away, and refused to listen.

Trump has set the tone for the 38 percent who ignore reality. Trump now believes the Access Hollywood video, released a year ago, in which he boasts about grabbing women by the genitals, is not authentic. Billy Bush,…


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MAGA: America could not have been "great" for our 1st 150 years

   DT overtly campaigned on a promise to Make America Great Again. This promise implies: 1) DT knows what “great” means; 2) America was great at one or more times in our past; 3) DT understands how to make others make (the phrase is an imperative statement) America great; and 4) America can be “great” again.

   1) Has America ever been “great”? By “America,” one may reasonably infer DT means the United States of America. Some might argue this definition is arrogant and narrow because it…


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Trump/Putin seek to destroy all they can as DT apologists retreat to bunker

   More people question the legitimacy of a Trump presidency obtained via an Electoral College margin of victory obtained by illegal means. Others have posted opinions, to be addressed today, that disparage this position.

   The gist of one comment on Facebook was Trump is “our” president and we have to be behind him. However: 1) Blind following of those in office goes against the grain of principles The Framers sought to infuse in the Constitution: The Framers looked at the base…


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Outrage in SEC: Roy Moore can't coach football, but maybe he can be a Senator

   There was outrage. Few understood how an individual, who had been included in conversations about allegations of child molesting, could be placed in such an office, the responsibilities of which are so great. Also, he would represent the State. Finally, there was the impact, perhaps requiring decades to repair, that could occur if the guy held that office for any appreciable amount of time.

   The state is not Alabama, but Tennessee.  The person is not Roy Moore, but Greg Schiano, a…


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Civil war should not be our worry, but Putin-style crises should be feared

   I must digress from discussion of why litigation that would seek Trump removal is substantively different from “birther” cases that sought removal of President Obama from office.

   A person yesterday on Twitter expressed concerns, based on comments made to her by a person who is armed and serious, that, if Trump is removed from office, there will be a civil war. (If I err as to the specifics of her tweet, someone please correct me, but I was unable to find the tweet this morning;…


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Most of the World realizes Russia stole our election

   Events of the past few days need make me pause, before we discuss “justiciability,” to re-state the premise upon which nullification of the 2016 election is based: Russia interfered with the election.  Are there people in this country who do not care if Russia, as members of its legislature brag, “picked” our President?

   Evidence continues to mount on what already was known.  Members of Trump’s campaign and family (“DT’s people”) met with Russian government officials and organized…


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Trump removal: Don't lose sight of the coniferous forest a few deciduous trees

   I wanted to address a few points before we move on to a discussion of “justiciability.” Some might lose sight of the coniferous forest because of a few deciduous trees. After all, most of the rest of the World realizes Russia stole the 2016 elections here. Still, I want to address these points.

   1) In regard to standing, each person  who voted for Secretary Clinton lost her or his right to vote because the margin of victory was obtained by illegal means. Each person who voted for…


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Voters have standing to challenge an illegal election where their votes were not counted

   Thursday we outlined review of assertions that litigation to challenge the legitimacy of Trump’s Presidency is the same as birther litigation as to President Obama.  On Friday we examined differences between the (one) reason upon which birther cases were based with the (multiple) reasons presented by advocates for Trump removal. 

   Yesterday’s blog showed the birthers’ lacked facts to their claim and the abundance of facts that support the Trump removal effort. Most of the rest of…


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Facts? "Birthers"---none. Trump removal---many.

   Thursday’s blog outlined how we shall examine assertions that litigation to challenge the legitimacy of Trump’s Presidency is the same as “birther” litigation challenges to President Obama’s occupancy of the Oval Office.

   Are there similarities between Trump removal litigation and “birther” cases? 

   Yesterday differences between the reasons—actually, one reason—upon which “birther” litigation was based and the reasons—plural—presented by advocates for Trump removal were…


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Reasons for Trump removal are different than "birther" spurious claims

   Yesterday’s blog outlined how the next few blogs will examine assertions that litigation to challenge the legitimacy of Trump’s Presidency is the same as “birther” litigation challenges to the legitimacy of President Obama’s Presidency.

   Are there similarities between Trump removal litigation and “birther” cases? 

   As stated yesterday, a first step will be to compare: (a) reasons cited by “birthers” to (b) reasons presented by advocates for Trump removal

   The “birthers”…


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Trump removal litigation revisits "birtherism"? Let's see

   The Constitution specifies two ways to remove a sitting President: impeachment (Art. II, sec. 4) and action of the VP and others when the President is unable to perform the duties of office (Amend. XXV, sec. 4).

   Litigation—i.e., action in the courts—to remove a President obviously is outside those two avenues, but is not precluded by the Constitution.  Several times in this blog (most recently yesterday, November 15) Donahue v. Board of Elections, 435 F.Supp.957 (E.D.N.Y. 1976) has…


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I am one out of 1.2 million? Wait! Read this law review article.

   Yesterday a person tweeted about the argument I have advanced: “Here’s what you need to know about #NullifyNow: There are 1.2 million lawyers in the U.S. One, @marksmall1973, thinks courts can order a new election. The other 1,999,999 think he’s full of [excrement].  Getting a clue yet?”

   One infers I am one in 1.2 million. I am flattered by the sentiment. I feel special. Unfortunately for the author of that “tweet,” his message is flawed.

   People at #NullifyNow seek to…


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"Arguments" against Federal courts' ability to void election

   “Criticism,” the “act of passing judgment on the merit of something,” takes various forms. “Constructive criticism” is not the only type from which one can learn. In debate at both high school and college levels, and, later, in standup comedy, even mindless taunts imparted lessons.

   When I was retained as counsel on a SCOTUS case to challenge the 2016 elections, I visited a website where lawyers were said to  rip into our case. The culture of the website was familiar. “Regulars,”…


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Demo Party eschews impeachment & does NOT represent all non-Republicans

   REPEAT:  the Democratic Party DOES NOT speak for all non-Republicans.

   Over the weekend, Rep Nancy Pelosi and DNC Chair Tom Perez distanced themselves from talk of impeachment of the current occupant of the Oval Office, even though each day brings more indications DT & his campaign colluded with a foreign power—Russia & its dictator Vladimir Putin—to swing the popular votes necessary to give DT an illegal margin of Electoral College victory.

   This is the same…


Added by Mark Small on November 13, 2017 at 7:32am — No Comments

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