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May 2021 Blog Posts (16)

Veterans' exposure to Agent Orange & burn pits: benefits should be a given

Pentagon budget people are not known for saving money. To say someone spends money “like a drunken sailor” has an inherently martial ring. Members of Congress even throw more money at our national defense than the Department of Defense (“DoD”) has requested.

We should not be surprised that DoD can tighten its belt, albeit in perverse ways. Basic things about warfare (even when “war” is not declared) are toxins. Things blown up and people killed means harmful chemicals. Agent Orange…


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Rokita's view of a proper (a/k/a white) history of the USA

Indiana’s AG Todd Rokita wants kids taught a version of history that is not critical. He opposes critical race theory in American history and civics curricula. Let’s imagine what he wants kids to be taught. Imagine, if you will...

Washington didn’t lie about chopping down a cherry tree or owning slaves. Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence and didn’t own slaves. Jackson beat the British at New Orleans, and didn’t own slaves. Maybe there is a theme.

If you go to a…


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Racist? Indiana AG Todd Rokita is your man!

As Indiana’s AG Todd Rokita doesn’t determine policy. His latest action is to join 20 other state AGs “calling on the Biden administration to reconsider proposals aimed at imposing critical race theory into American history and civics curriculum.”

“Critical race theory is an academic concept that is more than 40 years old. The core idea is that racism is a social construct, and that it is not merely the product of individual bias or prejudice, but also something embedded in legal…


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Alex Jones was there on Jan 6: how'd he miss all the disguised leftists?

Fifty-four percent (54%) of Republicans polled believe leftists were behind the January attack on the Capitol. Apparently watch dogs of the far right, such as Alex Jones, missed this particular conspiracy. Jones should have an inside track on this info. He was in DC on January 6.

Here are possibilities. 1) Alex Jones is part of the Deep State/Antifa (DSA). That’s fine except Jones was in DC on 01/06 and spoke to the mob. Maybe he sought to foment violence to cast trump, et al, in a…


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GOP & its anarchist roots

In junior high I read “Regarding Civil Disobedience,” by Henry David Thoreau: “I heartily accept the motto, - ‘That government is best which governs least;’ and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically.” Sounds like the GOP.

More Thoreau: “Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which I also believe - ‘that government is best which governs not at all;’ and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they shall have.” (In…


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Georgia vote audit: reasons for secret ballots

We have a right to vote. We also have a right not to be persecuted or attacked for how we cast our votes. In Indiana a person cannot be compelled to disclose how she or he voted. In Georgia a court has ordered that absentee ballots in Fulton County be turned over for an “audit.”

To be clear: GOP election officials in Georgia have said there were no improprieties in the 2020 election in Georgia. What should concern anyone with brains or a conscience is the prospect of advocates for a…


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"Irrefutable scientific fact" human life begins at conception, as Rep Jacob asserts? No, no and no.

5/18 (tomorrow), 9 pm: “Mouthwash,” John Schmitz’s FB podcast, features a debate between me and Indiana State Rep John Jacob on women’s reproductive rights. Among inflammatory bits on Rep Jacob’s campaign website is something meant to lay all doubt to rest.

Rep Jacob says: “It is an irrefutable scientific fact that human life begins at conception.” We need to define key words. 1) “conception”: “The union of the sperm and the ovum. Synonymous with fertilization.” Medinet; 2)…


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Tuesday debate w/Rep John Jacob: abortion

On Tuesday, May 18, at 9 pm I’ll “discuss” (debate) women’s reproductive rights (or, as right-wing people are programmed to say, the murder of millions of beautiful little lives that an all-loving deity can’t save from surgical procedures) on “Mouthwash”, John Schmitz’s FB podcast.

My opponent will be State Rep. John Jacob, whose views are entrenched. My view is that I am not a woman, cannot get pregnant, and so should not tell women what to do with their lives. (So why are two males…


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"Sniff the Glove": Prosecutors' demands for a party that seeks discoivery

Justice requires open Courts and public trials. (U.S. Const. Amend. VI; Ind. Const. Art. I, § 12.) In the name of efficiency Courts substitute computers for people. Courts invoke privacy and a person’s security as they shut out public scrutiny.

Whether brought by the Government, the State, the People or Commonwealth, the prosecution has great advantages. First, it chooses the charges and when to file. Second, it has assets such as police and labs. At the very least the Accused has a…


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GOP in Virginia: reverting to selection of candidates by a very few

If you want to see how corporations would run elections so as to be free of human interference, look at the Commonwealth of Virginia and how the two “major” political parties have opted for two different ways to nominate candidates for Governor, Lieutenant and Attorney General.

Democratic Party candidates are on primary ballots. Voting started April 23 and on June 8 is in-person voting. A voter is not required to show proof of, or declare loyalty to, a political party to vote in that…


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Vowels cost $50: FB podcast "Mouthwash", 5/11 at 9 pm

Every important governmental decision on which you have an opinion - women’s reproductive rights, military budgets, voting rights, U.S. military invasions, poverty, military budgets, private prisons, rights of indigenous peoples, military budgets, discrimination, anything military...

Your opinion, as an American citizen and voter, ultimately, means nothing. ***t! ***k! ***k ***k**! (care to buy a vowel?) Expletives cannot draw attention sufficient to a fact: there is little chance to…


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"Mouthwash" 5/11 on FB at 9: 2-party Hangover

On Tuesday, May 11 at 9 p.m. John Schmitz hosts a discussion of “The 2-Party Hangover” on “Mouthwash,” his podcast on Facebook. John Schmitz invited me and Andrew Horning, who has run for U.S. House and U.S. Senate as a candidate in the Libertarian Party.

Political parties are odd as corporations. The most American of acts is to contract, protected by the original Constitution (Art. I, § 10) before any Rights were enshrined by the Bill of that name.

Only individuals, partnerships…


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Armageddon, abortion & absence of nuclear morality

Few stories end with all (ALL) the “bad guys” killed. The Book of Revelations, the last book of the New Testament, ends with the battle of Armageddon where good fights evil and the “righteous” walk away for a nifty eternity. Morality isn’t all about abortion.

God did not write any of the books of either of the testaments, but people who believe he did include the book of Revelations as divinely written. If pressed for proof their fall-back position is to say the books are divinely…


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Evangelicals and word play on abortion

Christians’ lines between “us” and “them” have been many and varied over centuries. Romans saw believers as a sect of Judaism until their Emperor converted. Rendering unto Caesar became kosher. The Reformation was 100 years of bloody war, Rome vs Protestants.

In the 1970s and ‘80s a belief that became more widely spread was fundamentalism, a belief the bible is the literal word of god. Evangelicals hold that belief, perhaps because simplicity holds so much appeal. A “strict…


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Evangelicals: do they have the capacity to be moral?

There is a difference between an individual relying on a particular belief as a basis for her or his morality, and believers of a particular sect of a religion imposing their religion on others in the form of a theocracy. In the latter instance, advocates must prove their deity’s existence.

For example: a person has the right to believe in Zeus and the other Greek gods. Few people today believe those deities exist or existed. If someone seeks to dictate to us based on tenets of a…


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Abortion, theocracy & existence of supreme deity

There are basic truths about abortion. If you believe there should be fewer abortions, you favor free and ready availability of contraceptives and sex education, as studies show that is the best approach to avoid unwanted pregnancies. After all, people will have sex.

If leaders of your specific sect of religion say (1) contraceptives & sex education violate laws of the god you worship and (2) our government must obey that god’s laws, then you must prove: (a) our government is a…


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