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Rokita's view of a proper (a/k/a white) history of the USA

Indiana’s AG Todd Rokita wants kids taught a version of history that is not critical. He opposes critical race theory in American history and civics curricula. Let’s imagine what he wants kids to be taught. Imagine, if you will...

Washington didn’t lie about chopping down a cherry tree or owning slaves. Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence and didn’t own slaves. Jackson beat the British at New Orleans, and didn’t own slaves. Maybe there is a theme.

If you go to a doctor, you do not want her to tell you everything is”fine” when you have cancer. We gain zip when we ignore the bad parts of our Nation’s history and extol misleading facts or, worse, fiction.

In regard to African-Americans, a (white) woman said to me a few years ago: “Nobody invited them here.”She was right, but for different reasons. Black people were captured, hauled to ships, stacked like cord wood and carried over here for sale. They were not “invited.”

In the 1960s we were taught that slavery was a much more benign institution. At the same time as Martin Luther King was assassinated, his DISapproval rating was about 75%. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for legitimate reasons.

Those who whitewash history should be out-front and be proud of the racism the rest of us have fought for decades upon decades. They should not lecture us how moral they are. They are as evil as their prejudice, and as evil as the institution of slavery from which they sprung.

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Comment by rodney d johnson on June 1, 2021 at 12:06am

No, I was taught in School (Evansville ---- so perhaps that barely counts) that slave owners treated their slaves well because they were valuable property. And I was taught that after the civil war, evil carpet-baggers descended on the poor noble defeated south and took terrible advantage of them. But eventually, the noble defeated southerners were able to throw out the evil carpet baggers and restore order and self-rule. It really was a twisted revisionist history. 

Comment by pogden297 on May 31, 2021 at 10:41am

I don't recall being taught that Washington or Jefferson didn't own slaves. They just left that part out usually.  I don't recall ever being taught that slavery was a "benign institution."  Me thinks you're exaggerating.


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