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January 2024 Blog Posts (18)

Military deployment is counter-productive

I am pro-war. By that I mean that this country should use military only by declaration of war, as set forth in The Constitution. [FN1] Three U.S. military personnel and 34 wounded in a drone attack in Jordan. [FN2] Iran’s denial of involvement means little in a US election year. 1/6

After all, what do these Arab countries have against the US? Iran’s people are of varied ethnicity, but the dominant group is Persian and its most common language is Farsi, not Arabic. [FN3] The people of…


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1) Don't allow Putin's puppet back into The Oval Office and 2) trump's actions, 2017-2021, are void

My favorite TV shows/podcasts involve history & often an interviewee is seated in front of book shelves. Most shelves are neat, but some bear signs of a random chaos of a personal library often used. Factors help to identify books. [FN1] Questions in history? 1/7

How did Germans allow the NSDAP [FN2] to seize power? Most Americans don’t give it much thought. In the “land of the free,” elections transfer power peacefully. Our rights were protected, especially through Brown I and…


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Not the Party of Lincoln, but of George Lincoln Rockwell

The rights to cast a vote and to have one’s vote counted are both constitutionally protected. [FN1]. A person’s interest in participating in the political process through voting and having her or his vote counted is a right both ‘individual and personal in nature. [FN2] 1/7

This iteration of the GOP has been described as a cult. [FN3] Indiana’s GOP is an assumed business name of Indiana’s Republican State Committee, and set up as a not-for-profit (“NFP”) corporation. The Indiana GOP’s…


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Messages from a "supernatural source" to Beckwith appear to violate election law

This iteration of the Republican Party decries foreign individuals to the point of xenophobia. The Framers of The Constitution were concerned that foreign powers could attempt to influence our elections [FN1] or simply advance corruption. [FN2] Foreign assistance to a political 1/8

campaign is illegal. [FN3] This proscription applies to Federal, State and local campaigns. [FN4] It applies against a “foreign principal. [FN5] The assistance may be from a citizen or one who owes…


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When will the "Lord" promote Lt Gov Beckwith?

A limited subject is Micah Beckwith [FN1] & what can happen if delegates to the IN GOP state convention [FN2] (many of whom Beckwith will have recruited) choose Beckwith as GOP’s nominee for IN Lt Gov. Beckwith’s said he won’t be a “yes person” or ceremonial Lt Gov. 1/7

At HEPL [FN3] Beckwith parroted behavior of the House GOP in DC. Beckwith’s efforts impaired HEPL’s operations & cost a lot of $$$. Beckwith posted a photo of him & this month’s Speaker. Scant literature…


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What about "Lt Gov Beckwith" in office?

Micah Beckwith [FN1] aims to be IN’s GOP nominee in 2024 for Lt Gov. Voters don’t pick that. Delegates to the GOP State convention say who is the running mate voters choose as nominee for Gov. From Beckwith’s words & conduct, we know what he’ll do as Lt Gov Beckwith. 1/10

Words: Beckwith has said he won’t be “ceremonial” or a “yes person.” [FN2] He will be “a proactive Lt. Governor” and “fight for our constitutional rights, lead the war against the woke culture and get the…


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One question someone should have asked Beckwith...?

Micah Beckwith [FN1] is running for IN Lt Gov, the nominee for which is picked by the GOP State convention. Right now Beckwith’s recruiting people to run to be convention delegates. This end-run on voters is how Beckwith previously obtained public office: HEPL board. 1/11

Beckwith was placed on the HEPL board w/neither fanfare nor public notice. [FN2] He was part of a short-lived 4-3 majority that adopted a policy of book banning. Beckwith says no books were “banned.” He is…


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Beckwith: can't win an election, but can load a convention

Tonight on “Mouthwash,” [FN1] Micah Beckwith [FN2] is a guest. Beckwith is in a YouTube video and explains “How to Become an Indiana GOP Delegate.” That’s important to Beckwith. He wants to be the GOP nominee for Lt Gov. That’s decided at the convention. 1/8

1) Beckwith rattles off names of GOP candidates for Governor in May’s primary. He wants “to give the delegates their voices back” because the GOP primary winner for Governor anoints “their favorite yes man.” Typical for Beckwith:…


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The Constitution is soaked in "Slavery"

The word “slave” does not appear in The Constitution submitted to the States in 1787. People who oppose teaching that racism “is embedded in [our] society and [] legal systems to uphold supremacy of white persons” [FN1] highlight this omission. They should study history. 1/6

1) The Constitution refers to slavery. Provision was made for “three fifths of all other persons” to count for seats in the House. (Art. I, § 2) Congress was not allowed to prohibit “Importation of such Persons”…


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Spare me: any GOP (esp Beckwith) praising MLK (as they block voter access)

Mel Gibson’s “The Patriot” inspires Micah Beckwith [FN1]: no surprise. The 2000 film is fiction w/little basis in reality, especially when it comes to slavery. E.g., in the film slaves were offered freedom to fight for the colonists. The offer was from the British. [FN2] Tomorrow: 1/7

Federal holiday to celebrate Dr Martin Luther King’s birthday. Any who hold or seek elective office will praise Dr King. In America, voters supposedly have the ultimate say. Dr King worked to secure…


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Beckwith's tenure on HEPL's board: Much Ado About Squat

The bally-hoo that was an assault on libraries in Hamilton County was short-lived. A few people took control of HEPL [FN1] Their demand for “change”, elicited angry responses from the community, nationwide embarrassment and wasted resources ($$$). 1/6

In case others want to change policies for access to materials in public libraries, here are a few suggestions:

1) Read the policies of the library in question.

-Don’t let someone to tell you policies are bad or good.



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Our rights are protected: everyone should read

In posts these past several days, I have relied upon “primary sources” [FN1] to show this country was founded as neither theocracy [FN2] nor Christian. That several States record dates as “in the year of our Lord” [FN3] does not dispel the point, as primary sources illustrate. 1/12

States also noted dates as “A.D.,” [FN4] or “Latin ‘in the year of the Lord’[] Since the supposed year in which Jesus Christ was born; of the current era.” [FN5] Other States used no such tags. [FN6] No…


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"God" was not invited to the party

Each State was required to a hold convention to vote whether to ratify The Constitution. [FN1]. Few delegates to Philadelphia also served in their States’ conventions. [FN2]. Records of the state conventions do not support a claim that the USA either is a theocracy or Christian. 1/12

Delaware was the first State to ratify, on 12/7/87. Its report lists the names of the delegates, who voted 30-0 to ratify, two of whom had been delegates in Philadelphia. [FN3] The report refers to the…


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Beckwith ditches MAGA belief for the word of "The Lord"

There was insurrection on 1/6/21. You need not take my word for it. “THE LORD” told Micah Beckwith, [FN1] who then related it in a selfie video posted to Facebook that the “Lord” said: “Micah, I sent those riots to Washington. What you saw yesterday was my hand at work.” 1/5

A “riot” is: “An assemblage of three or more persons in a public place taking concerted action in a turbulent and disorderly manner for a common purpose (regardless of the lawfulness of that purpose).” [FN2].”The…


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Beckwith needs to shout: Jan 6 was not a "false flag"

On 1/07/2021, Micah Beckwith [FN1] posted a selfie video to Facebook and said that the “Lord” said to him: “Micah, I sent those riots to Washington. What you saw yesterday was my hand at work.” Yesterday a lot of people on TV/social media, etc, called Jan 6 a false flag. 1/7

What are the possibilities?

1) Beckwith believes (as in really believes) the “Lord” spoke to him, he should be out there yelling the fact. There’s no “secret.” Beckwith posted it on Facebook. 2/7



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State conventions provide some insight of "intent"

“Conventions of nine States” [FN1] had to ratify the Constitution. Congress, in its record of the receipt of the draft constitution, recommended ratification procedure and transmittal letter [FN2] makes no mention of “God” or “Jesus Christ.” [FN3] Some chant “original intent,” i.e., 1/6

we must construe The Constitution based on the “subjective intention of the drafters or ratifiers of an authoritative text.” [FN4] The “drafters” were the 55 delegates to the Convention. [FN5] The…


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trump can be excluded from the ballot

Advocates of “original intent” for interpretation of The Constitution usually omit amendment. [FN1] At this writing, Colorado’s Supreme Court and Maine’s Secretary of State have cited Amend XIV, Sec 3 (“Sec 3") to bar trump from those States’ ballots in 2024. 1/7

1) Context. “[A]fter the rebellion had been defeated, Southern States had audaciously sent to Congress [] men who had notoriously violated previously sworn oaths to support the U.S. Constitution.’” [FN2] The Confederates…


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How to look for "God" or "Jesus" in the debates 9/17/1787 to 3/4/1789

On 9/17/1787, The Constitution was signed. [FN1] Ratification by “Conventions of nine States” was required. [FN2]. Neither “God” nor “Jesus Christ” appears in the Constitution or other founding documents, yet some insist our government was meant to be “Christian.” 1/10

For what The Constitution means, we look at the plain meaning of the text, broader legal context, applicable canons, and the legislative history. [FN3] I try to cite “primary sources,” or the “original records created…


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