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GOP needs to return to its progressive roots

1956 GOP platform (1) quoted Pres Eisenhower: "In all those things which deal with people, be liberal, be human. In all those things which deal with people's money, or their economy, or their form of government, be conservative"& (2) advocated meeting basic human needs: 1/4

expansion of soc security & unempl ins coverage, improved housing, better health protection for all, better enforcement of antitrust laws, const’l amend to provide equal rts for men & women. GOP was…


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Tonight's Show at 7: Russia's 2016 cyber invasion of the U.S. & our elections in 2022 & 2024

In 2016 the U.S. was invaded & our intelligence agencies determined Russia’s President “Putin ordered an influence campaign” aimed at our pres’l election.’” 22 U.S.C. § 9501(6). Cyber invasions are real. Putin’s goals? “to undermine public faith” in U.S. democratic 1/6

process, denigrate Sec’y Clinton & harm her electability/potential presidency. Putin had “clear preference for” trump. ICA 2017-01D, Jan. 6, 2017. In 1787, protections created in Constitution included use of…


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NCAA tournament & capitalism

College basketball’s tournament illustrates how capitalism works. In the NCAA tournament, 68 teams scrap it out. In each round winners advance & losers go home. Businesses, like college teams, compete w/ea other, but to the death. The U.S. auto industry had a tournament. 1/5

About 1900 nearly 2K companies made 3K brands of cars. (Source: Encyc. Brit.) Car companies either bought out, or put under, competitors. The Big 3 (Chrysler, GM, Ford) survived. Start-ups occasionally emerge.…


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HQE: I don't want Fred Klipsch's $ or endorsement

Of Gahan Wilson’s brilliant cartoons, one was of dour-faced men, clad in uniform, each with a badge & an arm-band, of a smiley-face. Branding can create a reality that facts do not support. In the mail was a questionnaire. No reasonable person can question a PAC named... 1/6

“Hoosiers for Quality Education.” Its purpose: “ensure quality educational opportunities” for “all Hoosier families regardless of income or zip code” & “improve student achievement” in “trad’l public…


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If only John Calvin had been a little kid (& Thomas Hobbes a real tiger)

Christians who embrace Calvinism? About 30%. John Calvin (1509-1564) believed humanity is “totally depraved” & “utterly perverse.” He was a theologian who taught his “god” has decided history, i.e., no matter what you do you (probably) will go to hell. 1/4

Self-hatred & absence of free will are at the “heart” of beliefs of many Evangelicals. Current efforts to terrorize LGBTQ children, their parents & so many others makes sense when one sees the terrorists hate… Continue

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Putin's war/corruption/trump/dictatorship...Repeat cycle...

Dictatorship & corruption go hand-in-shoe. News coverage of Putin’s war are redolent of similar items from latter stages of U.S. involvement in Cambodia where Cambodia generals received pay for each person under that general’s command. Problems arose when the U.S. counted on...1/4

X-number of Cambodian soldiers for an assault when the actual force was 1/10 the size on paper. Putin depended on materiel, funds for which had been siphoned to buy yachts in Cyprus. Some of the MREs…


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Inflation isn't a threat. Machines pose the threat.

Inflation: an ambiguous concept that scares ppl who should fear inflation least. COVID hit World economies hard. Ppl died. Goods couldn’t B made/shipped. Wages rose & bouncing back were World economies. Now goods need 2 B made/shipped. Workers are offered > $. 1/6

That’s how free market works. Inflation results fr rise of costs in some sectors of economy. It’s not necessarily bad. If rise in costs pays > wages to > ppl 2 make > things/provide > services, we benefit.…


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Gun nuts should agree w/doing studies

GIGO (Garbage in/garbage out) as applied 2 academic studies, means validity of result depends upon quality of the data. Ppl who wonder whether to buy handgun for self-defense have a right to know whether a handgun fulfills that function. Implied warranty of marketability... 1/6

means a thing you buy will do what you buy it for. the thing for which you buy it. Products get tested. Consumers have a right to results of those tests. We can reduce gun violence if fewer people own guns,…


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Sen Graham should know, it's not only a crime. It's stupid.

“It’s not only a crime. It’s stupid.” Talleyrand often is cited for this appraisal of assassination, but a different official under Napoleon, Joseph Fouche, Minister of Police, is the real source & might have viewed Sen Lindsey Graham as both criminal & stupid. For suggesting... 1/5

that act be carried out against Putin. The advice from over 200 years ago is sound. 1: under the 4th Geneva Convention it is a crime by international standards. In the USA it’s homicide & thus…


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Gun advocates: report when you use that gat to stop a crime!

“Gun rights” advocates know: statistical validity of any study depends on sample size & accurate info. CDC’s been blocked fr studies of gun violence as a health issue since mid-1990s Fed laws restrictions mid-1990s, but Indiana & gun ppl can help. Guns ppl like to say “Guns... 1/

stop crime,” i.e., have net deterrent effect on crime. W/o actual reported cases as they occur only anecdotal accounts (as in fish stories of “the one that got away was so big”) exist. It is the duty…


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eHarmony: there are better ways to spend your $

Twitter encourages free expression. Nothing could be more important to free expression than to be able to be heard about vendors who once were good, paid their ways to prominence through savvy ads, but should now be questioned. COVID lockdown isolation drove ppl online. 1/5

To be middle-aged (okay, “senior”) & single is more awkward in online dating. A site not to use: eHarmony. Ads several yrs ago showed eHarmony’s founder, w/his grandkids, & he says how great his company… Continue

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Evangelicals really want to save your kids from hell - your hell

Evangelicals see a hero in Gov Abbott of Texas, who wants to investigate, 4 child abuse, parents of transgender children. It won’t take long before Evangelicals persecute/prosecute parents for a “greater crime,” in their view: eternity in hell for kids of atheist parents. 1/6

Evangelicals, e.g. Indiana preacher Micah Beckwith, believe there is no separation of church & State. Evangelicals, ultimately, see a person as one of “us” or one of “them.” Protestants, Roman Catholics,…


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Pres Biden's State of the Union & Gov DeSantis's disrespect

I found Gov DeSantis’s tweet yesterday saying he wouldn’t send Nat’l Guard, as was requested, to “Biden’s State of the Union,” offensive. DeSantis is one of two early front-runners in the GOP nomination race for POTUS, 2024. He meant to show no respect to Pres Biden. 1/4

The GOP went off the rails a few years ago. We can’t allow a distinct minority to control a not-for-profit corporation that is structures so as to not be accountable to voters. We have to take over that party &…


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ABC/PAC: anti-union construction group & I am pro-union

Political Action Committees (PACs) send mail to candidates for public office. ABC/PAC (its logo in red, white & blue), made of “400 businesses in the construction industry across Indiana” sent a questionnaire of five (5) compound questions that could be a bit confusing. 1/5

ABC/PAC opposes labor unions and calls non-union contractors “merit construction companies.” Labor unions is subject to the same imperfections as any human endeavor, but without unions we would not have…


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Hogs are polite to those who feed them slop

On a different note: gov’t should not subsidize pro sports. Billionaires don’t need $. Our public school teachers, bridges & highways are better places to spend tax $. However, local gov’t has already thrown $ in and there is little we can do to stop the deluge. However... 1/3

If I am elected State Rep from Indiana’s 86th legisl district, I shall offer a bill to ban professional sports franchises from offering, and elected officials from accepting, free tickets, passes to suites,…


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Nervous that Rick Santorums of the World might have nuke launch codes?

For the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, when I was in 2nd grade, there is very real talk of nuclear war. Evangelicals w/whom I’ve disagreed on issues maintain people who do not believe in their specific supreme deity cannot be “moral.” An insane Russian 1/6

named Putin, at any minute, could give a launch order and, as a result, cause most of the Earth to be incinerated. The next “act,” according to “Revelation,” is the 2nd coming. People who believe such a nuclear is good… Continue

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MAGA fans of Putin & 1930s "America First" fans

trump calls Putin invading Ukraine brilliant/something we should do to Mexico. So trump is callous to mass death, wants conquest for its own sake, ignores how Russia’s economy will be crippled & would have us reviled by rest of the World. 1/

Groups of Americans cheered 4 dictators B4. Example: 2/20/39 the German-American Bund (“GAB”) held rally in Madison Square Garden w/ > 20K present. Few months later Germany invaded Poland & WWII started. Support for GAB collapsed.…


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GOP corporate entity needs to be changed to be accountable to voters

Not long ago, each of the two major political parties (“Big 2") had liberal & conservative wings. The GOP in 1964 began to shed its liberals so it could grab the Dems’ “solid South”: States that went “D” since the Civil War because Dems had opposed the GOP’s Reconstruction. 1/6

Racism isn’t ancient, but contemporary, history. And the GOP has structured itself as a corporate entity under control of right wing elements that must be dislodged. This is important in States like… Continue

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MAGA ppl: want a "strong man" leader? Look at Putin

Vladimir Putin came up through the KGB back in the U.S.S.R. After Boris Yeltsin gave Putin the keys & staggered off the stage, Putin cemented his hold on power by blaming apt bldg bombings on Chechens. Over 300 ppl were killed. This from the Heritage Foundation: 1/5

“Putin is a killer” because his rise to pwr was based on the siege of Grozny, the Chechen capital, where “between 50,000 and 80,000, most civilians, were killed. Russian tanks flattened the city.” Add to that:…


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Sen Rick Scott's GOP, nationalist & socialist, manifesto

Sen Rick Scott built his career on defrauding Medicare, Medicaid & other Federal programs. He has issued an 11-point GOP manifesto (of sorts) with several policy suggestions to follow. The first point focuses on kids. They’ll say the pledge of allegiance & salute the Flag. 1/6

They’ll learn America’s gr8, choose a school that will inspire patriotism & stop teaching radical left’s revisionist history. Kids’ll learn re: wisdom of Constitution, Bill of Rights & founding…


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