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June 2023 Blog Posts (9)

Hillsdale's course on The Constitution does not qualify Micah Beckwith as anything

Dateline: Twitmo, 06/25/23] Tues, 06/19, Hamilton Co, IN, preacher Micah Beckwith, running in 2024 for IN Lt Gov from the GOP, was a guest on “Mouthwash,” John Schmitz’s FB podcast. (Beckwith doesn’t have to worry about swaying primary voters. GOP State Convention 1/8

delegates pick the Lt Gov.) Beckwith says he’s completed course work w/Hillsdale College & is a “constitutionalist.” Hillsdale’s downloads are free. Its SEO ppl are good because the only items that appear on the 1st…


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History repeats itself: the KKK 100 years ago & MAGA today

Fr U.S. Holocaust Mem Museum: “...Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower had studied his WW II enemy, he was unprepared for the Nazi brutality he witnessed at Ohrdruf concentration camp in April 1945. Bodies [] piled like wood [] living skeletons struggled 1/8

to survive.[] Eisenhower foresaw a day when the horrors of the Holocaust might be denied. He invited [] media to document the scene. He compelled Germans in [] surrounding towns & any soldier not fighting at the front…


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Six GOP-nominated SCOTUS justices make up the most corrupt SCOTUS ever

6 SCOTUS justices, all GOP nominees, were given gifts, trips, $ & other bennies by ppl w/cases before the Court. The urge to vomit is great when “justice” is associated w/the names Thomas, Roberts, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh & Barrett. Roberts compared a judge’s role w/that of 1/4

a baseball umpire. Okay, Shoeless Joe Jackson sinned far less than these 6, yet Jackson, one of the greatest hitters to play the game, was banned for life. These 6 have lifetime appointments to the…


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Car competitions, Micah Beckwith & his ignorance

God sayeth: “Film ‘smalltalk’ for ‘Mouthwash’ in your car.” She knew Hamilton Co preacher Micah Beckwith would be John Schmitz’s guest on last evening’s podcast. A few minutes later Lo! So it was! Beckwith has run for political office almost as often as me, but I’ve won 1/8

(Precinct Comm 2020, Marion County, Wash. Twp 21-01). Beckwith was “secretly appointed to the [Hamilton Eastern Pub Library Bd] at a mtg where voting 4 the new appointee was not on the agenda or made aware to the…


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Indictment Day for the gutless pig

In 1973 Richard Nixon was fresh off a landslide victory for a 2nd term. As summer began, we heard about a break-in at Watergate, a “mixed use facility” in the parlance of people today who run Indy for the benefit of builders and developers. The 1973 iteration of the GOP was 1/6

progressive. Nixon was proud of achievements that occurred during his first 4 years in office. EPA was created & oversaw workings of the Clean Air & Clean Water acts. Schools were made to integrate. He…


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We were right

In Febr, 2017, I represented women in Blumstein, et al v. Pence, et al, 16-907, before the U.S. Supreme Court. We sought an order to nullify the 2016 election & argued Russian interference violated Art. IV, sec. 4, of the Constitution, the Invasion Clause. 1/5

That case was dismissed. We filed Bailey, et al v. U.S., 16-1464 & argued broader grounds w/petitioners from both parties in several swing States. That case, in October 2017, was dismissed. Our central focus in both…


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In Memorium: Pat Robertson, who is looking up at us now...

Hours ago Pat Robertson felt incredibly light & full of an energy he’d lacked for years. A voice said, “Come this way.” He saw his 93-year-old body, supine, in bed. “I’ve passed,” he said to himself & began to walk into a bank clouds that soon enveloped him. He wasn’t surprised 1/6

when the path turned upward. The surface, under his bare feet, became more smooth He glanced down. “The streets of heaven are paved with gold.” He saw he was naked, but strode more righteously. The…


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Anyone w/any sense will vote No on a $625 million bond issue tonight

Tonight’s big vote at the City-County Council meeting is on a $625 million bond issue to finish & run a hotel after banks passed on a golden opportunity to take the risk. There are several fine reasons why anyone w/any sense should vote against this proposal to authorize the city to 1/6

borrow up to $625 million for an 800-room, 4-star hotel on Pan Am Plaza. The Downtown Hotel Owners Association, in a letter to the Council & to Mayor Hogsett, described this as a “proposed…


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Mass shooters are far more than any other categories

Last Tuesday, during “smalltalk,” a 2-minute segment that appears on John Schmitz’s Facebook podcast “Mouthwash,” that also airs on Mondays on WHMB, Ch 40, at 9:30 pm. The topic was “hatred.” I said we should address hatred as carried out in shootings, and said majority of 1/6

shooters in mass killings are from right-wing groups. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) tracks mass shootings. In “Murder & Extremism in the United States, 2021" (ADL report) validates my statements on…


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