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Mass shooters are far more than any other categories

Last Tuesday, during “smalltalk,” a 2-minute segment that appears on John Schmitz’s Facebook podcast “Mouthwash,” that also airs on Mondays on WHMB, Ch 40, at 9:30 pm. The topic was “hatred.” I said we should address hatred as carried out in shootings, and said majority of 1/6

shooters in mass killings are from right-wing groups. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) tracks mass shootings. In “Murder & Extremism in the United States, 2021" (ADL report) validates my statements on Tuesday: “Most of the murders (26 of 29) were committed by right-wing 2/6

extremists, which is usually the case. However, 2 killings were committed by Black nationalists and 1 by an Islamist extremist” (the latter was first such killing since 2018. Most 2021 murders were committed by people assoc’d w/longstanding extremist movements, such as white 3/6

supremacy & sovereign citizen movement. But “2021 cont’d trend of recent yrs of seeing some murders fr newer types of extremism, including QAnon adherents, ppl associated w/the toxic masculinity subculture of the “manosphere” & anti-vax extremists. White supremacists 4/6

killed more people in 2021 than any other type of extremist, though not an outright majority, as is often the case. An in-depth look at white supremacist killings over the past 10 years demonstrates the dangers posed by alt right white supremacists & white supremacist prison gangs.” So...5/6

Mass shooters are overwhelmingly right-wing. I’m curious to see contents of hard drives of mass shooters. If there are references to me or my internet presence, I want to know. My likely to be on a shooter’s hard drive is Indy’s “Gun Guy” on WIBC, the “Gun Guy.” 6/6

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