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January 2021 Blog Posts (23)

Who will come to theocracy's defense? Not Beckwith

Toward the end of “Caddy Shack,” Danny putts and the ball ... just ... hangs ... on ... the ... edge ... of... the... cup. As everyone around is confused by the explosions from Carl’s war on gophers, the referee keeps his eye on the ball that finally ... drops.

We become distracted if we concentrate on one front of the assault on our Constitution and pay no attention to others. One candidate for the GOP nomination in INCD5, Rev Micah Beckwith, will be back. And that’s scary.



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GOP v Dems: Their views of the Future

THE FUTURE: as seen by the GOP versus the Democratic Party. The GOP has been heavy on slams against what it hates. Affordable health care for all is “socialism.” Racial equality and women’s rights deny freedom. Clean environment means hurting economy.

GOP: keep things simple and speak in single voice. Capitalism: good. EPA: bad. Army: good. Peace: bad (U.S. looks weak). Prisons: good. Legalize drugs: bad. 2nd Amendment: good. Mass shootings: don’t touch our guns! Prayer in school:…


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Rule of Law: all but 2 Senators cannot sit as jurors on impeachment

The rule is universal: neither a material witness to, nor a victim of, an alleged crime can serve on the jury before which the person accused of that crime is tried. There are good reasons for this, amongst them jurors are to be disinterested.

The Article of Impeachment, in relevant part, states: On January 6, incited by trump, members of the crowd he had addressed ... unlawfully breached and vandalized the Capitol, injured and ... menaced Members of Congress, the Vice President, and…


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Mr Ogden: wrong again about that whole "South" thing

My good friend Paul Ogden replied to my blog “Senators who are witnesses cannot serve as jurors.” Mr Ogden did not reply to that contention. I had said Senators will serve as “jurors” in trump’s impeachment trial. Victims and material witnesses are excluded as jurors.

Instead, Mr Ogden took issue with how I described the reasons for the Civil War: The South seceded to preserve slavery and 4 of the states (GA, MS, SC, and TX) issued statements why they seceded; “a clear, primary…


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Clarity: secession statements in full from 1860-61

Full statement of secession of Georgia, Mississippi, Texas and South Carolina plus secession declaration of Virginia


The people of Georgia having dissolved their political connection with the Government of the United States of America, present to their confederates and the world the causes which have led to the separation. For the last ten years we have had numerous and serious causes of complaint against our non-slave-holding confederate States with reference to the…


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Senators who are witnesses cannot serve as jurors

Without conducting a poll, I’d say a majority of Hoosiers either would have supported trump’s coup, had it been successful, or would have complacently accepted a “strong man.” In short, they either would have encouraged or tolerated the takeover of this country by a dictator.

The Framers of the Constitution warned against “a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or minority of the whole, who are united and activated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest,…


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trump throwing his own party?

To punish GOP U.S. House Reps who voted for his most recent impeachment and to discourage any GOP Senators from voting to convict, trump has threatened to start his own political party. In trump’s onanistic cosmos, his is the only hand for the job.

To start a “new” political party takes more than to simply declare it exists, and, voila, it has slots on the ballot. Each States’s laws vary. Indiana recognizes two “major” political parties, the two that receive the most votes in the most…


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If you do not believe as they do, you cannot be moral

If you lack the capacity to be moral, you cannot be allowed to participate in a democratic form of government. That is an inference reasonably drawn when one listens to or reads advocates of a theocracy in this country.

We just emerged from four years of rule by one who was backed by religious extremists. As I wrote yesterday, of our two major political parties, one (GOP) is controlled by a minority that believes this country was founded as, and should be restored to, a…


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Theocracy that rejects evolution will kill many in a pandemic

One of the two major political parties is under the control of a minority who believe this country was founded as a theocracy - a government controlled by a religion - and should be restored to a theocracy. Their beliefs are false and their control of a party is a threat to us all.

The United States is billed as “the Land of the Free.” At the top of the list of freedoms is that of religion. The First Amendment provides for freedom of and from religion: “Congress shall make no law…


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DCS: 3 letters that strike fear in some parents' hearts

Parents lose any right to their relationship with a child or children nearly every day in Indiana, and this is via two procedures, a Child in Need of Services (“ChINS”) action, and, after six (6) months or 15 of the most recent 22 months, an action to terminate parental rights. (“TPR”).

Indiana’s Department of Child Services (“DCS”) “leads the state’s responses to allegations of child abuse and neglect and facilitates child support payments. We consider the needs and values of all we…


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Termination of parental rights

Many people are unaware that States can take a child away from parents, despite SCOTUS holding a parent’s interest in upbringing of her child is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by the courts. Traxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (2000).

Indiana has two procedures, that work in tandem. First is to ask a juvenile court to find a Child in Need of Services (“ChINS”). Second, after a child has been out of a parent’s custody for 15 of the most recent 22…


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trump only should receive the right kind of fanfare as he leaves

Mega-stress ages Presidents more rapidly. “Before” photos have fewer wrinkles and gray hair. James Buchanan, until January 20, 2017, was considered by many to have been the worst POTUS, He told his successor how he felt.

As they rode together by carriage to Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration, Buchanan said: “My dear sir, if you are as happy in entering the White House as I shall feel on returning to Wheatland, you are a happy man indeed.” Klein, “James Buchanan: A Biography,” 1962, p.…


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History: guns in Congress very bad idea

History tells us why members of Congress should not be armed in the chambers of either the House or the Senate. On May 22, 1856, Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner, a Republican, delivered a speech that denounced slavery. Preston Brooks took issue.

Brooks, Democratic Party member of the South Carolina delegation to the U.S. House, was furious. He went to the Senate and beat Sumner “into unconsciousness with a heavy rubber cane.” Klein, President James Buchanan: A Biography, 1962, p.…


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To Indiana's GOP U.S. House Reps: where's trump?

To GOP U.S. Reps from Indiana: You have a lot of gall to criticize the Democratic Party as its Reps voted to impeach your “Fearless Leader” a/k/a Person # 1, the current occupant of the Oval Office. As our nation faces multiple crises, where is trump?

President-elect Biden took to the airwaves on January 14. He announced specific steps he would take to address COVID and our many economic crises. Part of a President’s job is to reassure and give comfort to the American people. Biden…


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GOP wants unity? Gosh, let's barf

After all 7 GOP U.S. Reps from Indiana voted against impeachment of the current occupant of the Oval Office, a common theme developed. As Rep Jim Banks said: “The Democrat party is dividing America when we should be doing everything we can to unite the country.”

Of several definitions for the verb “unite,” none seems appropriate in this context. A genuine desire to “unite” does not start with an insult. The Democratic Party has two letters more than Rep Banks’s range. The shortened…


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Problems aren't caused by the "left"

What got you so mad? The left?

You voted for people who gave tax cuts to billionaires

who used the tax cuts to ship factory jobs overseas.

What got you so mad? The left?

We are pacifists, but you still live in the USA

with the largest military in history & killing people


What got you so mad? The left?

You cheered on the law & order crowd,

& it’s made damn sure to push private prisons

& tried to keep them…


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Minority of hatred has no right to control 1 of the 2 major parties

A reply to a post of mine today: “The Tea Party ... did not take over the GOP but excreted from the GOP what we all call RINOS.” This equated non-tea baggers to manure, displayed ignorance of the GOP’s history and, inadvertently, made a point.

The GOP progressive roots were pro-abolition, grew by “busting trusts” in the 1890s and saw greater percentages of Congressional Republicans vote for civil rights legislation. President Nixon signed into law legislation to protect the…


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trump only part of the threat to USA & World

History is our past, sets groundwork for our present and can indicate our future. trump poses a threat to a free society and to World peace. Greater threats to what we value include forces trump symbolizes - ignorance and hatred.

Racism was on display when white idiots sashayed into The Capitol on January 6. Their anger has its roots in slavery, an institution that was legal (1620-1865) longer than it has been banned in our history. Its effects are felt today.

If the U.S.…


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Take steps to dissolve corporation known as Indiana GOP

The Indiana Republican Party (“GOP”) is a not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Indiana. That corporate status can be revoked. If the corporation abuses its status (I.C. 23-17-24-1, et seq) the Indiana Attorney General can initiate actions.

Under Indiana’s RICO law (IC 35-45-6-2 and 34-24-2-1), if a corporation acts as a racketeer influenced corrupt organization, the prosecuting attorney in the county where such acts occurs can initiate the…


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Malcolm X was right & this violence has historic roots

Wednesday afternoon, President-elect Joe Biden spoke to calm the nation. Two points: 1) this was a job the lame duck should have performed, so I hope Joe is on the clock; 2) he said the mob takeover of The Capitol was not America.

The reason I disagree with the President-elect on the second point is that if we ignore history, we shall repeat that history. Hatred and violence were part of the founding of the USA. 1789-1865: Slavery is not a benevolent system.

Running in parallel…


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