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To Indiana's GOP U.S. House Reps: where's trump?

To GOP U.S. Reps from Indiana: You have a lot of gall to criticize the Democratic Party as its Reps voted to impeach your “Fearless Leader” a/k/a Person # 1, the current occupant of the Oval Office. As our nation faces multiple crises, where is trump?

President-elect Biden took to the airwaves on January 14. He announced specific steps he would take to address COVID and our many economic crises. Part of a President’s job is to reassure and give comfort to the American people. Biden did that. Where’s trump?

trump named Jared Kushner to handle the emergency-response supply chain. That’s transport of vaccines from manufacturer to places where shots are given. Truman said the buck - i.e., the blame for failure - stops with the Pres. Where’s trump?

trump went bust running casinos - plural. He owned the house. His daddy covered losses until his daddy died. You are more energized to protect trump’s fragile ego than you have been to protect Americans from COVID. Where’s trump?

If we are to heal, we should focus on what caused the damage plus stop any more damage. We need to prosecute, with full due process, the persons who vandalized The Capitol, and prosecute those who incited them.

With only six days to go to Inauguration, we still need to remove from office the person who incited the rioters. For the last time I’ll ask: Where’s trump?

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