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November 2022 Blog Posts (4)

Monon Bell game: DePauw needs to kick degenerates' butts

Today DePauw University, my alma mater, plays football against a team from Crawfordsville for the Monon Bell. This is “the oldest rivalry west of the Allegheny Mountains,” but colleges and universities should not play a game that, long-term, leads to brain damage from “CTE”. 1/6

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy: progressive degenerative disease from repeated concussions & traumatic brain injuries. CTE destroys lives of players & their loved ones. College is a time to expand,…


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trump does a blackmail thing on DeSantis & DeSantis should remember: Khartoum!

trump, et al, in this iteration of the GOP laud “law & order.” trump’s threats toward FL’s Gov DeSantis illustrate how trump actually breaks the law to give others orders. trump’s statement is like Tom Hagen’s message to a movie director in Godfather I. Remember Khartoum? 1/5

If DeSantis runs for Pres in ‘24, trump will reveal "things about him that won't be very flattering - I know more about him than anybody - other than, perhaps, his wife." Blackmail is obtaining $, goods, or…


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Musk is as much of a financial genius as trump. I'm not kidding

Elon Musk has taken over Twitter and appears to be trashing it. He can afford to trash it. He has Saudi & Chinese financing. Authoritarians tend to hang together. Musk also is proving he’s as much of a financial genius as trump. Ppl likened Twitter to the mythical town square. 1/3

You know, where ppl could speak their minds on any topic. Problems: the town square never was owned by an individual & Musk has reason to destroy it in this crucial time before the mid-terms. Musk…


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Vote: don't let this be our last free election

A couple of scenes in “Casablanca” move me to tears. And when I go the last mile or so of the Mini, same thing happens. In 2020, to see so many in line waiting so long to vote got to me in the same way. This week it got to me, but differently. 1/3

This might be our last free election. Leaders of this iteration of the GOP are bent on absolute rule. Wisconsin’s GOP candidate for Governor promised: “Republicans will never lose another election in Wisconsin after I'm elected governor.”…


Added by Mark Small on November 3, 2022 at 7:51pm — No Comments

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