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trump does a blackmail thing on DeSantis & DeSantis should remember: Khartoum!

trump, et al, in this iteration of the GOP laud “law & order.” trump’s threats toward FL’s Gov DeSantis illustrate how trump actually breaks the law to give others orders. trump’s statement is like Tom Hagen’s message to a movie director in Godfather I. Remember Khartoum? 1/5

If DeSantis runs for Pres in ‘24, trump will reveal "things about him that won't be very flattering - I know more about him than anybody - other than, perhaps, his wife." Blackmail is obtaining $, goods, or services via threat of revealing embarrassing or damaging info. trump did it. 2/5

DeSantis might want to borrow a page from trump’s play book & say: Yeah, but voters love me.” Even if the embarrassing info consists of videos from Jeffrey Epstein’s parties at which underage girls were party favors for wealthy, (mostly) old men, DeSantis can smile. Remember? 3/5

Justice already was served in The Lolita Express Case. Ghislaine Maxwell was tried, convicted & sentenced. Those rich men might have broken the law, but the real culprit, after Epstein had conveniently committed suicide, was a woman. DeSantis might even have video of trump. 4/5

Intra-party struggles can be messy. Stalin dispatched foes and Hitler staged the Night of the Long Knives. Each morning DeSantis might want to take a good, long look at the shape lying next to him under designer sheets. A horse is a horse, of course4, of course. 5/5

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