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June 2014 Blog Posts (17)

Blair Englehart and Adam Kirsch: today's guests and talk about political consultants.

   Do you want to know the nuts and bolts of political campaigns, the various items to be planned even before a candidate announces her or his intent to run?

   We will stream "live" from the offices of the Englehart Group, 405 Mass Ave, Suite 300 from 11 am to 1 pm to discuss political campaigns and the roles political consultants play in the campaigns.

   Our guests will be Blair Englehart and Adam Kirsch.

   Blair Englehart is a co-founder of the Englehart Group, a…


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Political consultants: tomorrow's Show with Blair Englehart.

   In DePauw University's Memorial Student Union each week, a feature film---complete with three or four minutes of cartoons as an intro---was shown, twice on Friday night and twice on Saturday night. Admission cost a dollar. The experience was communal.

   "The Candidate" was one week's film. Robert Redford played the hippie-ish son of a former governor of California whom Peter Boyle's character recruits to run for United States Senate. The film is a classic. Redford devolves from…


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"Constitutional Convention" prime time with such delegate "stars" as Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.

   The contrasts would be sharp.

   In 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia over the summer. Of 73 men chosen by their respective States, only 55 participated. Of those, 39 were present to sign the document. Many delegates stayed in taverns. Inns and sleeping rooms were common amenities of taverns. Delegates had been sworn to secrecy about the proceedings and deliberations. Many of the delegates attended dinner parties, during which copious amounts of…


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The idea of a constitutional convention, as described by Professor Downs in yesterday's inforefront, is a very bad idea.

   Yesterday on InForeFront, Andrew Downs, a professor at IPFW, blogged about the effort to convene a convention to amend the United States Constitution under Article V, the text of which is set forth at the bottom of this blog.

   Professor Downs apparently advocates for such a convention. He “spoke briefly with a protestor who gave me two reasons why she was opposed to the idea. One reason echoed one of the protestors’ posters. ‘We don’t need law changers. We need law keepers.’ The…


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Ice begins to freeze in the infernal region: I agree with Pat Robertson and Glenn Beck on an issue.

   Sometimes it is difficult to agree with a specific person. There might be a list of such people one keeps, if not on paper or on a hard drive, then at least in one’s head.

   Pat Robertson has said things that secured him a place on my list of such persons. Glenn Beck is on that list, too. Apparently both Pat Robertson and Glenn Beck this week have stated the United States was wrong to invade Iraq and would be wrong to commit more troops to attempt to stop the chaos there. Mr. Beck…


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Saturday's Show: psychologist Dr. Ari Dean Gleckman from J.T.'s Grille, 2210 East 54th Street.

   "Hinduism and Buddhism" was a course I took at DePauw. The professor was agog when Rollo May was scheduled to speak at our school. I never had heard of May, and inferred he was a scholar of eastern religions and philosophies. I took the course as an elective because I was interested in the subjects. I missed May's lecture. Later, I read some of May's works and regretted having missed that talk. May was described as an existential psychologist. His thoughts about creativity were of great…


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The United States hardly is in a good position to "distrust" Iran---1953 is not "ancient" history.

   There is a lack of “trust” between the United States and Iran. Members of Congress have expressed concern about the United States seeking assistance from Iran in regard to the chaos created in Iraq as an aftermath of the United States invasion of Iraq.

   I believe it prudent for the people of Iran not to trust the United States government.

   In 1953, the United States joined with Britain and overthrew the popular Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh.  The Guardian…


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An act of civil disobedience? A quote from Vonnegut on the stupidity of war and why the United States should not re-invade Iraq.

   In Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, on what commonly is called the “copyright page,” all are warned: “All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the Publisher, excepting brief quotes used in connection with reviews written specifically for inclusion in a magazine or newspaper.”

   I now shall quote from Cat’s Cradle.  The use is not for a “review” of the work, first published in 1963. I quote Vonnegut…


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Thanks to IndyPride for a great Show!

   We streamed live from IndyPride and had a lot of fun, amidst the chaos.

   Thanks go to a lot of people, but without Chris Morehead, Zach Adamson and Annette Siegel Gross we might not have gotten onto the air. 

   We look forward to covering this huge event next year.


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Pride today---with our coverage from 11 am to 1 pm: progress in human rights, for all, from the 1960s onward continues.

   “Progressive” is defined as “favoring or advocating progress, improvement, or reform, esp. in political matters.” The American College Dictionary, 1962 ed., p. 968.

   Society in the United States seemed progressive in the 1960s, as compared to decades before. The concept of one person-one vote was given credence in Baker v. Carr, 369 U.S. 186 (1962).  The Civil Rights Act (1964) and the Voting Rights Act (1965) were Federal laws aimed at protection of the basic right to vote. The…


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Pride Festival: this week's Show.

   Civil Discourse Now will stream live from the Pride Festival downtown this Saturday. Watch for our banner and drop by to say hello.

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"Don't Tread on Me": The "Gadsden flag" was a symbol of left-wing anti-corporate protest in 1976, over 30 years before the "tea party."

   We did not know what the “Gadsden flag” was, but I sported it proudly on a button for the better part of a year.

   The two-day debate tournament was at Wisconsin State University at Oshkosh in the first semester of my third year at DePauw. Our first rounds were Friday afternoon going into the evening. Saturday morning’s rounds ended at lunch time, as I recall, with speaker awards and “e-lims”—the one-loss bracket format in which the eight or sixteen teams (I forget if the tournament…


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Host Lindsay Lohan in your home---or the NFL(r) and the Super Bowl(r) in your city: possible similarities and differences.

   We can put into better perspective the demands of the NFL® upon a city that seeks to host the Super Bowl®.

   What if Lindsay Lohan were available to be a guest in someone’s house for a month? These would be possible demands of a contract for her stay:

   1) Of course, she would pay no rent. In fact, you would pay her for the privilege of playing “host” to a World-Class celebrity.

   2) She requires transportation, therefore you would be required to provide, 24/7, three…


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"Hoosier Access" misses the boat: Richard Mourdock did compare "the state of affairs in the United States to that of Nazi Germany."

   Outgoing Indiana State Treasurer gave a farewell speech yesterday to the Indiana Republican State Convention. Party leaders probably were too occupied with the battle over nomination of the Republican candidate for Mr. Mourdock’s replacement to consider the prudence of allowing the man who beat Richard Lugar in the 2012 Republican primary access to a microphone. After all, his comments on rape probably doomed his chances in the general election.

   At the blog “Hoosier Access,” Derek…


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"He said, 'The sheriff is getting near!'": President Obama as similar to Cleavon Little's character in "Blazing Saddles."

   In late 1973, Newsweek magazine—back then it was in print form and came out each week, after “news” was at best only a few days in the past—ran an issue with a special focus on impeachment. Richard Nixon was on the ropes in the second round, bloodied after only a relatively few months of disclosures from what now is known as Watergate.”

   One unfortunate outcome of Watergate was the addition of the suffix “-gate” to any purported scandal.

   Little was known, by the general…


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More than a trade of baseball cards---five Taliban for Sergeant Bergdahl and a player to be named later.

   Each summer during college I worked for my old man’s construction company as a go-fer. Ours was a union sheet metal shop. Because I was immediat4e family of a shop owner, I could handle sheet metal, but basically I drove, delivered, beat holes through concrete walls, dug ditches, and even crawled around in the air ducts of a factory that used asbestos to manufacture brake linings.

   One guy with whom I worked was a veteran of the Korean Conflict. “War” never was declared by the…


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Seasons for sports over: Pacers, Cubs, and even cricket.

   Any sports season now is over for me until September.

   Tax dollars funded the latest effort by YOUR Indiana Pacers to make yet another run at the NBA Finals. In 2000 the team finally made it to the Finals, only to be blown out by the Lakers. Maybe we shall have another stretch of five or six years before the Pacers lurch into the best-of-seven for the NBA Championship. By then the San Antonio Spurs will be so old, their starters will use walkers. The Pacers probably will loose four…


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