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Political consultants: tomorrow's Show with Blair Englehart.

   In DePauw University's Memorial Student Union each week, a feature film---complete with three or four minutes of cartoons as an intro---was shown, twice on Friday night and twice on Saturday night. Admission cost a dollar. The experience was communal.

   "The Candidate" was one week's film. Robert Redford played the hippie-ish son of a former governor of California whom Peter Boyle's character recruits to run for United States Senate. The film is a classic. Redford devolves from idealistic left-wing guy of substance to a candidate bent on winning.

   Boyle's character was a political consultant. We are more familiar with political consultancy these days, but still most people are unfamiliar with the jobs these folks perform. Boyle played the role as a sort of Mephistopheles. That was a work of drama and fiction.  In "Game Change," political consultants are portrayed in a much more realistic light, as harried, over-worked professionals who try to guide otherwise out-of-control candidates.

   Blair Englehart will be our guest tomorrow. We will stream "live" from his office on Mass Ave. We are in touch with another person in the political consultancy world and hope to announce that person as another guest panelist.

   You can catch "Civil Discourse Now" live on the link on this website, on Live365, FaceBook and Sound Cloud. Matt Stone also has a link on his Indy Student website.

   And congratulations to all who worked for the victories this week in the fight for equality.


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