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February 2011 Blog Posts (9)

February 19 debate and the show

-We learn as we go. I had thought  debate on Ronald Reagan's presidency would draw at least a few people interested in defending the presidency of the 40th man to hold the office. I was mistaken. Fortunately, as previously announced on this blog, Curt Coonrod will debate the topic on March 12. That left us scrambling for a topic and guest for February 19. As luck would have it, Paul Ogden agreed to debate Resolved: originalism is an invalid means of interpreting the…


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Proud to Announce March 12 debate on Ronald Reagan!

I am proud and pleased as punch (as former Vice President Hubert Humphrey once would have said) to announce that Curtis Coonrod has accepted my invitation to debate Resolved: Ronald Reagan was a very bad president. Unfortunately, Mr. Coonrod's schedule is such that he is not available for the debate until March 12.  I first met Curt in 1970 when we were rookies in high school speech and debate. He was on Lafayette Jeff's team. My high school was a small, rural school in Howard County. He…


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Will no one come to the defense of the Gipper?

I have yet to find anyone to debate in defense of Ronald Reagan on the proposed topic. I can be contacted at

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Background of the web site

The background of this web site is not some weird hippie alteration of the flag of the United States but the flag of the Green Mountain Boys.

First formed in the 1760s, the Green Mountain Boys were a militia organization formed in Vermont. They took an active part in what we call the Revolutionary War and played a crucial role in the colonists’ victory in the battle of Ticonderoga. Today, the Vermont National Guard bears the name of the group.

In the 1970s, a friend of mine…


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Next week's debate: Resolved that Ronald Reagan was a really bad president.

This debate will focus on some of the misconceptions about a president elevated nearly to the level of icon. Our debate will focus on those misconceptions. I will argue the affirmative---that Ronald Reagan was a really bad president, popular belief notwithstanding.

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Resolved: that the Federal Government should control primary and secondary education in the United States.

This will be the topic of our next debate, Saturday, February 19, between Chris Spangle and me. I will take the affirmative. The debate should be on the site in the afternoon. I am new to this tecnology thing. My Freshman year at DePauw, the school's computer (singlular) filled a room I recall as being about 20' by 20'. SO I am late to this process.

The debate should be spirited. The point of the debates is to discuss matters in civil fashion but with disagreement; without…


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1. Acceptance of our Terms

By visiting the website, viewing, accessing or otherwise using any of the services or information created, collected, compiled or submitted to, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Service. If you do not want to be bound by our Terms your only option is not to visit, view or otherwise use the…


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How to move towards a balanced budget

Budgetary matters

We have before the Congress a budget proposed by President Obama that makes few people happy. There is general consensus that we should cut spending. There is no such consensus about raising taxes. The Republicans want to preserve tax cuts for the rich. Some in the Democratic Party are willing to preserve those tax cuts.

So, like people everywhere who try to balance their checkbooks, let us see what we could do to right these matters.

1. Cut…


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Why this website?

Why this blog? Why this show?

"I’m mad as hell. And I’m not going to take it anymore!"

-Newsman Howard Beale, "Network," 1976


In Paddy Chayevsky’s 1976 movie "Network," news anchor Howard Beale breaks down on the air, calls for his viewer audience to get up, toss open a window, and yell, "I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore." join him in an expression of general anger with society, the world,…


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