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The background of this web site is not some weird hippie alteration of the flag of the United States but the flag of the Green Mountain Boys.

First formed in the 1760s, the Green Mountain Boys were a militia organization formed in Vermont. They took an active part in what we call the Revolutionary War and played a crucial role in the colonists’ victory in the battle of Ticonderoga. Today, the Vermont National Guard bears the name of the group.

In the 1970s, a friend of mine owned a teepee and liked to camp out. That’s only natural. I do not think someone would own a teepee if that person didn’t like to camp. Even in those times, my friend was more rebellious than most. He nearly always flew the Green Mountain Boys flag from a log pole next to the teepee. The blue stars on the green field were scattered and struck me as a sort of anarchistic aesthetic element. I liked that. The first background used for this web site was a generic sort of red-white-and-blue with stripes pattern. I wanted something simultaneously different but no less rooted in American history. I thought back to my friend’s flag.

Ethan Allen was the most prominent of the Green Mountain Boys. He is quoted as having said the fight was "for our liberty, our property, and our lives." He later wrote Reason: the Only Oracle of Man, a critique religion.


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