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-We learn as we go. I had thought  debate on Ronald Reagan's presidency would draw at least a few people interested in defending the presidency of the 40th man to hold the office. I was mistaken. Fortunately, as previously announced on this blog, Curt Coonrod will debate the topic on March 12. That left us scrambling for a topic and guest for February 19. As luck would have it, Paul Ogden agreed to debate Resolved: originalism is an invalid means of interpreting the Constitution.

-Paul was the first guest on the show, is a tradtional  conservative, and a Republican. I look forward to debating with him the efficacy of a theory of jurisprudence as advanced by Justice Antonin Scalia.

-Next week we shall debate Resolved: Planned Parenthood should receive public funds. We are working on a guest/opponent for that topic.

-In the next few days I hope to post a fuller schedule of the debates, six to eight weeks out. I also hope to become more familiar with the workings of this website so that we can receive e-mails, especially before shows and field questions. We film at 1 p.m. on Saturday, although to accommodate one guest we moved the time up to 11 a.m. one week. But you can depend on one thing: each week we shall have a new topic and a new show.

-Finally, there are several matters I would like to achieve long-term. One is to stream the show live. Another is to film, at least some of the shows, in front of a live audience.

-Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.--mark small.

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