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January 2014 Blog Posts (14)

Tomorrow's Show: Dead pools, our own (pools) and discussion of mortality.

   The first I heard of a dead pool was when I watched a Dirty Harry movie of that title released in 1988. Today, it seems, "dead pools"---in which participants draw up lists of people they believe will die within a specified period of time, usually a year---are somewhat popular. Do such pools treat people as objects?

   Inductive reasoning would indicate each of us is mortal. Humans who have lived before us have been unable to live beyond 160 years, or thereabouts, at best. One could…


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TPP: People need to learn about it.

   The Trans-Pacific Partnership ("TPP") will be our topic on today's "Civil Discourse Now."

   The United States Trade Representative is appointed by the President and has a position that is considered cabinet-level, under the 1962 statute that created the position, although the USTR is not a member of the Cabinet. Michael Froman is the current USTR. He has experience in tbe business community, having held positions with Citigroup and CitiInsurance. He was a classmate of President…


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1/25 Show: TPP? That of which we are ignorant could bite us in the collective end.

   At Western High School I was what some today would call a "geek." Rather, I had geekish tendencies. This uses the word "geek" in a way different from its original meaning. The geek in a carnie was the person who would do such things as bite heads off chickens. Bob Dylan used the word in "Ballad of a Thin Man" and later the word was transformed. Still a noun today, its means a person "who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially…


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Trans-Pacific Partnership: we should be allowed to know details and we should not fast-track it.

   When I invited a person to be a panelist on this weekend's Show to discuss TPP, he claimed not to know what TPP is. Unfortunately, many people are unaware either of what the acronym means or the details of the thing itself.

   The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement the United States at present negotiates with 11 other countries. Details of the agreement have been disclosed only by Wikileaks. Otherwise, even members of Congress are allowed only to read portions of the…


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Saturday, January 18 Show: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, his legacy and the War on Poverty, from 10-01.

   Indianapolis businesswoman and author Liz Wisdom will join us at 10-01, located at the corner of Broad Ripple Avenue and Winthrop. Directly across Broad Ripple Avenue is construction on the former location of United Package Liquors. We shall discuss Dr. King and also the War on Poverty, the declaration of which occurred fifty years ago this month. You may listen to The Show if you go to Indiana Talks at 11 am. The Show will be replayed through the week. You also can call into The Show.

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HJR6/HJR3 and HB 1153 lack valid reasons for enactment; the invitation remains open, Mr. Barlow.

   Several times I have invited individuals, who oppose marriage equality or who support the proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution as set forth in HJR6/HJR3 and HB 1153,  to appear on "Civil Discourse Now" to discuss or debate the issues related to those stands and measures. I had hoped on yesterday's Show we finally would have someone who would appear. Marcus Barlow, on InForeFront this week, had challenged for Indiana Democratic Party chairperson Ann Delaney to a debate on "gay…


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Today's Show: HJR 6 or 3, HB1153, equal rights and a Republican con game.

   A lot of people are unaware our State has its own constitution, separate from the Federal constitution. Written in 1850 and 1851, not only does it establish the structure of the Hoosier government, it also has a Bill of Rights. One might ask why a State needs a Bill of Rights when the United States Constitution has a Bill of Rights and, according to the Declaration of Independence, "rights" are universal. State constitutions trump---I use the word "trump" as a metaphor for euchre,…


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CDN invites Marcus Barlow and Ann DeLaney to debate HJR6/HJR3 and related issues.

   On INForeFront yesterday, Marcus James Barlow, who has worked with the Ballard Administration and is in media relations, challenged Ann DeLaney, former chairperson of the Indiana Democratic Party, to a debate on HJR6/HJR3. I responded to Mr. Barlow's post and invited him onto this Saturday's "Civil Discourse Now," streaming from 11 am to 1 pm on "Indiana Talks." Ms. DeLaney then responded to Mr. Barlow's post and indicated she would be glad to debate him. In turn, I have invited Ms.…


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Marriage Equality: Saturday's Show, and could we have a debate?

   On Saturday, January 11, "Civil Discourse Now" will focus on HJR6, the proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution that would restrict marriage. The amendment defines marriage as between "one man and one woman." Over several months I have invited several people to represent the position for the amendment. I have yet to receive an acceptance of my invitation.

   This morning I was pleased to see on InForeFront, a blog the headline of which appears on Ogden on Politics so I scan…


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Is a TV contract the reason for the Pacers' inability to show a profit?

   Even in the hey days of "Boom Baby!" and the rise from mediocrity of "your" Pacers, the Simon family, who own the franchise, claimed never to show a profit on operations of the team. When the team joined the NBA from the old American Basketball Association, there was a price to be paid. Specifically $3.2 million---by today's standards, a relatively modest sum, even for non-billionaire sports franchise owners (if there are any)---and denial, for several years, of a share of the NBA's TV…


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GMOs: People should know what is in the food they eat.

   Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are all around us. Most prominently, they are in Indiana's corn and soybean fields in the summer. Human beings began to tinker with genetics of plants as long as nine thousand years when inhabitants of modern Mexico cross-pollinated forms of maize to obtain plants that produced better ancestors of today's corn. New York Times, 5/4/10. Those agrarians did not alter the DNA structures of the plants they tended. Today's GMOs are different. Monsanto…


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Wile E. Coyote v. Acme Corporation: Discussion of strict products liability theory in the context of Mr. Coyote's efforts to pursue his vocation as predator.

   Many of us are familiar with the woes of Wile E. Coyote in the Warner Brothers cartoons so inappropriately but commonly referred to as "Roadrunner cartoons." Many are unaware of the ways in which our court systems address problems of injuries and deaths that result from defective products placed into the stream of commerce by parties, usually corporations, with such disregard as the behemoth Acme Corporation.

   Today on "Civil Discourse Now," Abdul (who, like Cher and Madonna)…


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Epidemiology, Henry Lee Summer, and a benefit concert tonight for the Indy Tavern League's fight against Indianapolis's smoking ban.

   8 Second Saloon, 111 North Lynhurst on the west side, will be the venue for a concert by Henry Lee Summer. Proceeds of the concert will go to the fight against the smoking ban in Indianapolis.

   I have not blogged on this issue. I shall do so briefly, and not in an effort to influence any decision makers on any active case in which I am counsel.

   2012 amendments to the Indianapolis-Marion County Municipal Code effectively banned smoking in those taverns, within…


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Book review: James Patterson's "Cross My Heart" a disappointment.

   The free market has seen the demise of real, live bookstores. When I moved to Broad Ripple in 1987, there was a B. Dalton at what then was Glendale Mall, another bookstore opened where Peaches had been on the Avenue, and a used bookstore was on Ferguson. All three now are gone. Locally owned places, like Big Hat Books on Cornell, have sprung up, but selection is less than what stores once offered. Always, too, one has Amazon, or one of its imitators, to which to turn for a cheaper…


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