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Marriage Equality: Saturday's Show, and could we have a debate?

   On Saturday, January 11, "Civil Discourse Now" will focus on HJR6, the proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution that would restrict marriage. The amendment defines marriage as between "one man and one woman." Over several months I have invited several people to represent the position for the amendment. I have yet to receive an acceptance of my invitation.

   This morning I was pleased to see on InForeFront, a blog the headline of which appears on Ogden on Politics so I scan it every morning, Marcus Barlow had issued a challenge to Ann Delaney to debate him on the amendment.  Mr. Barlow favors the amendment. I responded to his post---if I use the improper description for a particular communication on the internet, I apologize, but I think "post" is correct---by writing I would be happy to debate him on the matter this Saturday. We shall stream "live" from 11 am to 1 pm.

   I assured Mr. Barlow that we emphasize "civil" discourse. That is pretty accurate. Of course, when Andrew Kirch is on The Show, things go a bit awry from the whole civility thing, but Andrew usually is armed and allowances have to be made for his proclivities.

   Also Saturday Skyping in from Brooklyn will be Tanya L. Domi, whose previously has been a guest and whose qualifications include Director of Media Relations at the City University of New York and adjunct professor at Columbia University. Ms. Domi will join us by Skype.

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