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CDN invites Marcus Barlow and Ann DeLaney to debate HJR6/HJR3 and related issues.

   On INForeFront yesterday, Marcus James Barlow, who has worked with the Ballard Administration and is in media relations, challenged Ann DeLaney, former chairperson of the Indiana Democratic Party, to a debate on HJR6/HJR3. I responded to Mr. Barlow's post and invited him onto this Saturday's "Civil Discourse Now," streaming from 11 am to 1 pm on "Indiana Talks." Ms. DeLaney then responded to Mr. Barlow's post and indicated she would be glad to debate him. In turn, I have invited Ms. DeLaney also to be on The Show to debate this topic.

   My credentials in the area of debate, and my ability competently and impartially to moderate a debate, are: 

   -High school debate, 1970-73, Western High School; State Finalist, 1973; assisted with West Lafayette High Schol debate, 1985-86.

   -Intercollegiate debate, DePauw University, 1973-78; Speaker of the House, student legislative assemblies, University of Illinois and DePauw University, 1974; coach IUPUI debate team 1990-94.

   As speaker of the student legislative assemblies I was fair and impartial to everyone in the assembly, even an obnoxious guy from New York who was on our team.

   We also shall have guests Skype in from around the country. Most notably, Tanya Domi, who was on The Show in October, will Skype in from Brooklyn. She is an adjunct professor at Columbia University and has been active in support of equal rights for the LGBT community. Megan Robertson, campaign director of Freedom Indiana, and Peter Hanscom, deputy campaign manager of Freedom Indiana, also will be calling into The Show.

   The emphasis of Civil Discourse Now only can be understood if one understands the concept of how this podcast came into being. I was upset by political/social issues programs because they consisted either of one side/yay-rah us---and I like Rachel and miss Keith, but really want to hear the other side---or four people yelling, simultaneously---and it took me a while to realize the sound made before one of the segments on Chris Mathews is him. I wanted a show where people, from two or more sides---and there usually are multiple side, not only two---of important issues would interact for fun and enlightenment. 

   I hope Mr. Barlow and Ms. DeLaney will accept my invitation. The dialogue is important for the community---and by "community" I mean not only Indianapolis but Indiana, and anyone anywhere who listens to The Show, even if a person is on the International Space Station. 

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