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November 2020 Blog Posts (7)

Want Gov't stand-still? GA GOP Senate candidates

People of Georgia need to understand: if you vote for Republican U.S. Senate incumbents David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, you vote to freeze the Federal government for the next two (2) years at least. There might be something to be said for that.

McConnell, the Kentucky Senator who appears joyful only over others’ despair, vowed, when President Obama took office, to make that Democratic President - who won the popular and electors’ votes by clear majorities - a one-term…


Added by Mark Small on November 24, 2020 at 7:29pm — 1 Comment

GA Spl Election: Perdue & Loeffler don't like MAGA

Sen David Perdue is in a quandary: “a state of embarrassing perplexity or uncertainty, esp as to what to do; a dilemma.” Amer College Dictionary, 1962 ed., p. 990. Running for his political life he seeks to distance himself from trump but wants MAGAt votes.

Perdue, who with Sen Kelly Loeffler, is in a run-off for Senate seats from GA, said, in a Nov 10 phone conference they needed votes from “people that may have voted for Biden but now may come back and vote for us because there was…


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Distasteful? We need to see COVID suffering

After the United States committed large numbers of troops in Vietnam, each evening the TV news - a major source of information - showed a graphic of numbers of U.S. troops killed and wounded. News moved beyond graphics.

Numbers were made real by journalists, on the air, who ducked gunfire and reported Americans being killed and wounded. They also showed a Vietnamese man, hands bound, shot in the head by a Vietnamese officer with a pistol. A naked child ran, in terror, from a napalm…


Added by Mark Small on November 14, 2020 at 6:06pm — 1 Comment

What if trump pardons - everyone?

There are ways in which trump could seek to scorch Earth before he either leaves or is removed from the White House. We can forget about the obvious. As partial payment for all those loans extended, when others refused, Putin got access to whatever secrets we had.

Another possibility implies riots in the streets. Chaos can be scary - or scarier than what we have seen. If trump virtually opens the doors of Federal prisons, according to 2016 figures, possibly 225,000 people would be…


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Erase the bad acts of a POTUS who never had a mandate

Four years ago, trump declared he’d been given a mandate. That simply was not rue. mandate: “In politics, the electorate’s overwhelming show of approval for a given political candidate or platform.” Black’s Law Dictionary, 10th ed., 2014, p. 1105.

electorate: “The body of citizens who have the right to vote.” Id., p. 633. Note: that definition is not “body of the electoral college.” trump lost - as in received fewer votes from the electorate in 2016 - than his opponent, Secretary…


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Call it early in the evening.

When will the election be declared? Look at time zones and States “solid” for Biden/Harris. In the East - generally the first to report results - that means the votes of 90 electors. Using postal abbreviations: VT 3, NY 29, MA 11, RI 4, CT 7, NJ 14, DE 3, MD 10, DC 3, ME 2.

Other States in the Midwest and West are solid, but report later and total 98 electors. IL 20, WA 12, OR 7, CA 55, HI 4. That means Biden/Harris have the votes of 188 electors. They need the votes of only 82… Continue

Added by Mark Small on November 3, 2020 at 10:37am — No Comments

We never have been "great" & only can be if we embrace liberty, justice & equality

Four years ago trump lied many times, but especially in his 2016 campaign slogan: Make America Great Again. The slogan implied this country was, at one time at least “great.” Now the slogan is “Keep America Great.”

This country is NOT great today. trump’s bungling has caused over 230,000 people to have died from COVID-19. trump attacked his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, by saying Biden would listen to scientists. That is an attack?

Economics? Neither trump’s strong…


Added by Mark Small on November 2, 2020 at 9:03pm — No Comments

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