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GA Spl Election: Perdue & Loeffler don't like MAGA

Sen David Perdue is in a quandary: “a state of embarrassing perplexity or uncertainty, esp as to what to do; a dilemma.” Amer College Dictionary, 1962 ed., p. 990. Running for his political life he seeks to distance himself from trump but wants MAGAt votes.

Perdue, who with Sen Kelly Loeffler, is in a run-off for Senate seats from GA, said, in a Nov 10 phone conference they needed votes from “people that may have voted for Biden but now may come back and vote for us because there was an anti-Trump vote in Georgia,”

I, too, am in a quandary. As a GOP precinct committee person (Marion County, Wash. Twp 21-01), I am bound by State Rules and a “Republican in Good-Standing” cannot “actively or openly support another candidate against a Republican nominee.” (Rule 1-25.)

Since trump - in his lunacy - has yet to concede the election, trump still is a GOP nominee. The two nominees for Senate in Georgia seek votes from people other than those who are part of the cult of (questionable) personality of trump.

Therefore I must say this: any Georgia voter who supported trump in 2020 should NOT bother to vote. Perdue and Loeffler want to distance themselves from you. They are embarrassed by you. Neither Perdue nor Loeffler is a true trumper/MAGAt.

Perdue wants to recapture votes of people who have looked down at you all your lives: “And we think some of those people, particularly in the suburbs, may come back to us. And I’m hopeful of that.” What he says to woo never-trumpers means he doesn’t like trumpers.

Whatever date the special election is held - you’ll have to look that up yourselves in the mail you got while you were away, with 8 or 9 thousand of your friends at that Million MAGAt March in D.C. - don’t bother with it; trump says it’s all rigged anyway.

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