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Bullies and the internet: have "things" with teenagers changed so much? Saturday's Show on teenagers and bullies.

   One of the reasons I wanted to go away to college was to get away from people who intimidated others through violence---i.e., bullies. The last "bad" incident had been my junior year of high school, when I was slammed into a locker by two brothers who were jocks. They therefore were immune from most disciplinary measures the school could have taken, since most of the people in the high school responsible for discipline were coaches. Most, if not all, of the bullies I had encountered along…


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Today's Show: at Papa Roux's, 8950 East 10th we discuss Nazis.

   Dr. Dennis Cuddy will discuss with us today concepts of his book, "The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan." We will stream "live" from Papa Roux's at 8950 East 10th Street. I have heard the food there is seriously good.

   Our guest panelist will be Gary Welsh of "Advance Indiana."

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"Victory in Europe": after World War II did the "Allies" simply re-shuffle the deck?

   "Operation Paperclip" was not a figment of someone's paranoid imagination. The Office of Strategic Services, at the end of World War II, saw great value in the abilities of German scientists who could help the United States. High among U.S. goals: secure the scientists who worked at the Reich's missile research center in Peenemunde.

   There were a few problems with the attainment of this goal. One problem was not the  scientists' desire to join the efforts of the United States…


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America: our banks funded Hitler early, and our country welcomed former Nazis after der Fuehrer's death. Saturday's Show.

   As Germany's army fell in the spring of 1945, then-General Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered German citizens who lived near the death camps to walk through those camps. Eisenhower also brought the press into the camps to ensure no one later would question the monstrous extent of the Nazi government's actions against many groups, most prominently in our history books members of the Hebrew faith, but also Gypsies, gays, and those who had opposed Hitler. The Nuremberg trials of war criminals…


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