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America: our banks funded Hitler early, and our country welcomed former Nazis after der Fuehrer's death. Saturday's Show.

   As Germany's army fell in the spring of 1945, then-General Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered German citizens who lived near the death camps to walk through those camps. Eisenhower also brought the press into the camps to ensure no one later would question the monstrous extent of the Nazi government's actions against many groups, most prominently in our history books members of the Hebrew faith, but also Gypsies, gays, and those who had opposed Hitler. The Nuremberg trials of war criminals (that was Herman Goering in the wild shades) fixated the World on the Nazi atrocities. 

   So we, Americans innocent of wrongdoing in the lead-up to the War and a people who lost soldiers in combat against the Wehrmacht, won World War II and the Nazis were punished, right?

   Sometimes history is not so simple.

   Hitler was viewed as a joke by some. He was viewed by others, however, as a bulwark against Bolshevism---after all, he hated communists and his brown shirts (S.A.) battled those dirty commies in the streets. Hitler had supporters here in the United States. German industries that supported Hitler and were critical to Hitler's coming war effort received financial support from United States corporations. For example, I.G. Farben, manufacturer of the Zyklon B gas that eventually (after much trial-and-error by Adolf Eichmann's bureaucrats) was used as the "gas" in the "gas chambers" of Auschwitz and other death camps received funds for expansion of its facilities, prior to World War II from National City Bank, J.P. Morgan's Equitable Trust Company, and Harris Forbes & Company.

   Krupp industries manufactured war materiel. After the War ended, Alfried Krupp "was tried before a Nuremberg Military Tribunal and found guilty as a war criminal on July 31, 1948..." This is quoted from Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D., "The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan," part 2. Dr. Cuddy goes on to note "on February 4, 1951 [U.S. High Commissioner in Germany John J.] McCloy issued a general amnesty plus the return of Krupp's personal fortune and corporate property." Krupp had used slave labor in its manufacturing process. Some of the people were worked until they died, then were placed by other who faced a similar fate.

   Werner von Braun was a major in the SS---those guys with the snazzy black uniforms that were good for hiding stains of blood. Braun was brought to the United States and was instrumental in the post-War rocket program in the United States that put people on the Moon. 

   On Saturday we shall have, as a guest, Dr. Cuddy, to discuss his book and the role in the United States played before the War in Hitler's rise to power and after the War, in placement of Nazis in places of power. He postulates a power structure, now in place in our World, that was planned by the Nazis. The Show should be interesting.   


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