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November 2019 Blog Posts (5)

GOP candidates have an obligation to call for POTUS to resign

In the 1960s, as opposition to the Vietnam War grew, the phrase “love it or leave it,” as a counter to those who opposed our military involvement in southeast Asia, appeared frequently. Implicit was the notion that one does not protest United States military involvement. To say a war is wrong is also to say U.S. military personnel who died in such involvements died in vain. Such protest is unpatriotic and people who protest wars should leave the country.

The Pentagon Papers revealed…


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We need peer-reviewed studies of gun violence as health phenomena

Too many people own too many guns in this country. Too few of those people know a damn thing about gun safety. That explains why the mechanism of death for so many people is a firearm.

First, the statistics are not as clear as would be preferable. We know how many people die. Also, a bullet in the head is pretty clear as the reason why John Doe met an early demise. There are statistics to deaths from firearms that we might be able to use to reduce gun violence.

According to a Pew…


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Left-wing candidate for GOP nomination in Indiana's 5th

The Indiana Republican Party is a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Indiana, incorporated by Citizens United attorney James Bopp, Jr., and under the control of up to twenty-four (24) and as few as three (3) members of the board of directors of another nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Indiana - The Indiana Republican State Committee, Inc.

Under Indiana law, the two “major political parties” enjoy significant advantages. For…


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Short history of our system of electors a/k/a electoral college

In a diner a couple of days ago, a person said to me, “The electoral college sure worked in 2016, didn’t it.” Hers was a statement, not a question. I might have surprised her when I said, “No. And there is no ‘electoral college.’”

I have written about this matter before, but sometimes it is necessary to re-visit a topic. And the topic of the “electoral college” seems relevant.

There is no mention of “electoral college” in The Constitution. A “college” is “an organized association…


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Veterans Day and the Hotel Metropole in Hanoi

In March 2015 The Metropole Hotel in Hanoi was reopened after renovations. Media reported Vietnamese dignitaries arrive in Bentleys, Benzes, and other cars that one reasonably may describe as “luxury” cars. Vietnam is a country with which the U.S. trades.

Today is Veterans Day. On November 11, 1918, the Treaty of Versailles took effect at 11 a.m. and brought an end to World War I. The carnage was so horrific that some called it the “war to end all wars.” Of course, there was a bigger…


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