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October 2014 Blog Posts (11)

Republican efforts to suppress voter turnout and 40,000, "lost" registrations in Georgia.

  In Georgia, a State that appears to be “purple”—to use the popular parlance of color to describe party affiliation as a spectrum between one extreme of red (pure Republican) and blue (pure Democratic), and the shades of magenta, violet, and purple between—a voter registration drive was held this year. Ninety thousand (90,000) voters were registered. Shortly after the deadline for registration passed, the office of the Secretary of State somehow “lost” 40,000 of those registrations. New…


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The late Mayor Richard J. Daley points out he started political life as a Republican.

   In the middle of the night, as I flushed my contribution to the White River and prepared to return to bed, I was startled by two sharp raps on the bathroom door. From behind the door, a gruff voice said, “Boss wants to see ya.”  In my jockey shorts, I opened the door and was face-to-chest with the specter of a large, rough man. “I said da Boss wants ta see ya,” he repeated.

   “I heard you the first time.” A glow came from around the edges of the door to the Study. In that room,…


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A possible candidate for the Republican Party in the Indianapolis Mayor's race.

   The absence of a declared Republican Party candidate for Indianapolis Mayor got me to ponder last night about tossing my Cubs or DePauw University baseball cap into the ring for that slot on this spring’s ballot.

   First, I wish to set forth the main points of the platform on which I would run.  Second, I shall address questions of logistics. Finally, I shall set forth the political philosophy I embrace and my qualifications.


   1) The process by which any…


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Body, Mind, Spirit Expo at the State Fairgrounds, plus---please "share" a link to The Show on FaceBook.

   Remember, today, October 18, and tomorrow we shall stream live from the Body Mind Spirit Festival, held this weekend at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. We will interview exhibitors who are involved in the holistic movement. Other exhibitors will stream from our channel—7bitsofinfo on Live365—through the day. Also, Kimann Scultz will join us with her "Fashion News and Muse" and Tyler Rayl will give insight on Sports.

   ADVISORY I have to issue:  The views of the exhibitors do not…


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Tomorrow: Body, Mind, Spirit at the State Fairgrounds; plus---responses to yesterday's Ebola blog.

   As I wrote on Monday, the Body Mind Spirit Festival will be held this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. We will stream live from the festival and interview exhibitors who are involved in the holistic movement. We shall be there from 11 am to 1 pm. There will be folks at the festival, however, who will continue to stream live after The Show is off the air.

   This is an advisory I have to issue.  The views of the exhibitors do not necessarily reflect those…


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Ebola, cuts in CDC and NIH budgets, no surgeon general---but lack of outcry when the only people killed were in Africa.

   Several items in the news yesterday seemed to interplay.

   First, of course, was the media-driven frenzy over Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

   Second is the mention of Congress’s failure to even vote on President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General of the United States.

   Third is the mention of cuts Congress has made to the budgets for the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health.

   Fourth, and only sort of a footnote, was the National Rifle…


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"Body, Mind, Spirit" festival this weekend at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

   This is the second year we have been privileged to cover the festival. I simultaneously am skeptical of and welcome to approaches to reality and healing arts outside the dominant paradigm for such matters in our society. This contradictory attitude reflects splits of other types inherent in human thought and existence.  I had the opportunity, in 1976, to talk with Ken Kesey, who wrote “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Sometimes a Great Notion,” and was the central figure og the Merry…


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Election predictions with guest panelist Charlie White, streaming "live" from Claude & Annie's, Fishers.

   We shall talk election predictions today.

   The 2014 midterms only are three-and-a-half weeks away.  Some have perceived, here in Indiana, a lack of enthusiasm about these “mid-terms.”

   Indiana’s Congressional districts have been gerrymandered. Whether the creative carving of districts is by members of the Republican Party—as now in Indiana—or Democratic Party—as was the case in the past—gerrymandering, the drawing of district lines to favor one party, is wrong. The Republican…


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The late Mayor Richard J. Daley visits from the afterlife to heap praise on Mayor Ballard for co-opting the press.

   “That bastard Royko!” the voice croaked from behind me and nearly caused me to spill the beer sipped. I set down my cigar and turned around. I recognized the voice.

   The ghost of the Honorable Mayor Richard J. Daley, who ran the City of Chicago from 1955 to 1976 was an ethereal presence a few feet away.

   Hizzoner looked around the basement for a moment, then at the table, laptop, and mini-fridge, as well as the 19-inch Hitachi color TV I bought new in 1985. “You sit down…


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Whether Ballard should run---the anemic "two sides" in Sunday's paper really boil down to one.

   In Sunday’s edition of the daily newspaper of the City of Indianapolis, columnist Matthew Tully and Opinion Tim Swarens wrote “two views” about whether Mayor Gregory Ballard should seek a third term.  Tully’s side of the dueling columns—big surprise—was “Mayor should pursue another term.”

   The opposite view, written by Swarens, would be a delineation, one would infer, of the “down” side of Mayor Ballard’s first seven years as Mayor. Such an inference would have been invalid.…


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A week of rest before Oct 11 Election Predictions and October 18---really cool---"Body, Mind, Spirit."

   Once in a while, a person has to take a breather.
   We have been on the air every week with a new Show since June, 2012, according to my calculations.
   We shall be back on the air with Civil Discourse Now next week, October 11.  This week, however, is a time to rest a little, tweak the gear, and gather thoughts for the October 11 elections preview show and then, on October 18, the Body, Mind, Spirit Festival.

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