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Paul Ogden should be careful about where he leaves his flip phone

My good friend Paul Ogden left his flip phone out & used it to post a reply, under Paul’s name, to my blog about “RINOs.” I’ll address the 6 sentences the miscreant wrote. First: gun free zones won’t work because criminals won’t leave their guns “at home.” “Home” is the problem. 1/5

Since mid-1990s, NRA $$$ & members of Congress have blocked CDC sponsorship of peer reviewed studies of guns as a health risk & whether guns work in preventing crime. Gun free zones worked in the not-so-wild west. The point that GOP Presidents through Bush II 2/5

favored gun control was not addressed. As individuals a good start is to not (1) own guns or (2) allow guns in our homes. Second: GOP protected women’s reproductive rights. Five of the seven justices who voted for women in Roe v Wade were GOP nominees. A 1972 Gallup 3/5

poll showed 68% of GOP & 59% of Dems agreed “the decision to have an abortion should be made solely by a woman and her physician.” As for science, a fetus is not a human & a heart beat is not present at 17 days after conception. otoh, women will die in far greater numbers 4/5

in child birth (esp the poor) or as victims of violent crime (dropped significantly in 1991 due to Roe). Progressives want our GOP back. I’m Mark Small: anti-gun, pro-choice, pro-science, GOP candidate for City-County Council Distr 2. I approve of this message. Hell, I wrote it. 5/5

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Comment by pogden297 on February 7, 2023 at 8:27am

You don't really address my point that criminals won't respect a sign that says this is a "gun free zone".  Surely you don't believe that.

On abortion, all you're doing is falling back on a general poll question about the issue.  Polls also show that most Americans don't support second trimester abortion and there is virtually no support for abortion in the third trimester.  That directly contradicts the "just between a woman and her physician" in the poll.  (Seriously...why does the woman's personal physician get a vote?  What is the point of including the doctor in the question?)  As far as fetal development, you just make a statement about early development and ignore the fact that after just a couple months a fetus has undeniable human features.  You really have to ignore science to say that it's just a blob of cells.  

The fact is abortion is a much more complicated issue than you suggest that it is.  The issue involves a woman's right to bodily integrity AND the undeniable scientific facts of prenatal life.  You have to weigh those two interests.  That is why most industrialized countries have set gestational limits for abortion at about 15 weeks.   Do you seriously think there should be no limits at all?  That would make the United States an outlier for sure.


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