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Evangelical control of public schools = no choice

It is not easy to refuse to go along. Evangelicals, a minority among Hoosier Christians, might say a child may choose not to go along w/classroom-led prayer, ignore the difficulty of going against the “tide.” (NOTE: prayer in school never has been illegal.) 1/8

Each generation starts out as kids who face crap, some of which is different from what earlier generations faced & some crap is the same, e.g., puberty. In the 1960s I was lucky, as were a lot of the kids in our nearly-all-white rural school district in rural Howard County, Indiana. 2/8

In early grades, in our public school, each kid had an “option”: go out to the trailer where a form of Protestantism was taught & prayer was had, or stay in the classroom. In 4th grade, I don’t recall any kid opting to stay in the classroom or the word “ostracize” as a word to learn. 3/8

No real choice existed to “opt out” of the trailer. At Western High School, all-school assemblies, in the always-full gym, featured prayer. In one, a preacher decried Jim Morrison of The Doors “raping” his microphone. I’m still not sure how Morrison could “rape” his mic. 4/8

On 10/15/69, a nationwide Moratorium, in which people wore black armbands, was held against the Vietnam War. I wore an armband. I had the crap beat out of me, but they didn’t the armband still was on my arm. The principal told me I shouldn’t “cause problems.” 5/8

Kids should not feel pressure to participate in religious exercises in public schools. In a WV h.s. on 2/2/22, kids were forced, locked into a room, to attend a revival. Evangelicals were in charge & want total charge of our schools. Kids face enough crap. 6/8

WHS gained notoriety, about 10 yrs after I left, when clueless parents & an equally clueless vice principal took actions to ostracize a kid named Ryan White. (btw a LOT was known about HIV at the time.) I’ve heard that things are more progressive at WHS. I hope that’s true. 7/8

We must say “No” to a VOCAL minority of religious extremists who would make LGBTQ kids to feel sinful & dirty. I’m Mark Small. I’m pro-choice, anti-gun, pro environment & GOP candidate for Indiana House District 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 8/8

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Comment by pogden297 on February 12, 2022 at 12:11pm

Why are you mentioning the Ryan White case in the midst of a diatribe against religion?   Are you assuming the medical ignorance about Ryan White's possible transmission of AIDS was driven by religion?  I've done some internet research on the issue and I'm not seeing the role of religion in stoking the Ryan White controversy.  


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