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Also from my platform: protect voting rights & eliminate "winner-take-all" method of selecting electors

More random points from my platform. 10) Voting rights. We should make it easier for people to register to vote & then to vote. Early voting, voting by mail and multiple polling sites facilitate voting. We need to pursue all three. Gerrymandering is a horrible practice. 1/6

Both major parties gerrymander to marginalize opponents. Redrawing district lines inherently is political, but should be insulated from partisans for any party. Non-partisan commissions are a step in the right direction, though my friend Paul Ogden argues their weaknesses. 2/6

11) How we choose electors. Neither “electoral college” nor “winner-take-all” appears in The Constitution. Each State determines how it selects its “Electors,” U.S. Const., Art. II, § 1, who “shall meet in their respective states” & vote by ballot for Pres/VP. Amend. XII. 3/6

In 1824, Andrew Jackson, the slave-holding, genocidal populist, won the popular vote but not a majority of electors, so the House of Representatives determined Pres. Art. II, §1. Deals were cut & J.Q. Adams was Pres. States revamped how they selected electors in light of Jefferson. 4/6

Jefferson believed “winner-take-all” gives individual States leverage, but it only renders the 2nd largest bloc of voters meaningless. We should abandon “winner-take-all.” Maine & Nebraska choose by Congr District w/overall winner getting 2 at-large. 5/6

I’ll continue to list more points of my platform in this blog. Parties should win with voters, not through rigging the system. I’m Mark Small. I’m pro-choice, pro environment, pro-civil rts & anti-gun. I’m GOP candidate for Indiana House District 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 6/6

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