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Women and equality in the workplace and the economy: August 17 Show from jean marie's shop, 1134 E. 54th.

   With the show "Chicks on the Right" in the spotlight recently, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss women's equality---in the workplace and in the economy---and obtain perhaps a more accurate view than that advanced by the program just mentioned.

   I stopped using the word "chick," or variations of it, to describe female human beings when I was in college and was castigated by a female classmate who said I had used a sexist term. In a couple of the on-line dictionaries, it is noted the term, "often offensive," is used to describe a young woman. Women---and men---denigrate themselves for profit in our society. That is not a new phenomenon. What seems "new" is when women do so at the same time as they advance views they few as pro-feminism. 

    These and other aspects of women in the workplace and the economy will be discussed Saturday. In addition to the guests announced yesterday, Vanessa Echevarria, currently Miss Hispanic Indiana and a recent graduate from IUPUI, will join us at jeanmarie's shop, easter conservation services, 1134 east 54th Street, 11 am to 1 pm. Also Donna Edmond, Kimann Schultz, and AnnCraig will be with us as well.

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