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We need to end TIFs and handouts & realize my opponents platform is at best empty

I have an opponent in tomorrow’s primary for City-County Council Distr 2, here in Indy. I’m running in the GOP to fight forces of bigotry & ignorance. From fliers put out by Matt Hills, you can’t tell he’s GOP in a blue district in the bluest of counties. His #1 priority,“keeping our 1/7

Neighborhoods safe,” is ducky but his proposals suck, e.g., permanently re-establishing office of Director of Public Safety.” That adds, or re-labels. an office in the bureaucracy. (Taste great? Less filling?) He’d “invest in technology to better fight crime & keep our officers safe.” 2/7

IMPD has new tech: drones, gunshot detection, etc. This country has been at war since 2001. Police departments get surplus equipment. Mr Hills doesn’t understand that a lot of people feel they need to be protected FROM the police. An “us-versus-them” mentality didn’t work 3/7

in Iraq or Afghanistan & certainly doesn’t work in Indy. Mr Hills wants “a positive working relationship between public safety and our communities.” That’s not likely as long as law enforcement is used as an occupying force. Mr Hills would “provide greater resources 4/7

to combat the opioid overdose epidemic and increase access to mental health services.” Note: The “war on drugs” is over. We need to legalize all drugs so people will overcome fear of arrest & seek help. Hills’s wish to “increase access to mental health services” is special, 5/7

given the GOP’s opposition to budget increases for anything but weapons & religion. He also wants to “work to find a solutions (sic) to homelessness” esp amongst veterans.” To address homelessness for everyone we need to address the gap between the richest & the poorest. 6/7

We need to end TIFs, and handouts to developers & pro sports. We are the “Mississippi of the north.” I’m Mark Small: anti-TIF & pro-choice GOP candidate for City-County Council Distr 2. I approve of this message. Hell, I wrote it. 7/7

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