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We need to cut our military spending in half.

A new administration can change priorities and policies. Our military budget makes up 37% of the World’s military budget and needs to be cut because 1) It makes us less secure; 2) Its use is based on lies; 3) It robs our economy; and 4) trump sold our secrets.

1) People of other countries hate us because we bomb them and others without concern. The 911 attacks largely were carried out by Saudi nationals as a response to our incursion in the Middle East for Gulf War I - an action we took to reinstall a dictator in Kuwait.

Our troops have been in Iraq and Afghanistan for about 20 years. trump’s people negotiated a peace in Afghanistan that - gives that country back to the Taliban. A lot of people died there. More die each day. We need to stop wasting lives and money.

2) We do not fight for freedom and democracy, but have favored dictators, who are bad for freedom and democracy, but good for our business. The principles expressed in The Declaration of Independence apply to all peoples.

People have a right to self- not US-determination. If we return to policies based upon the words of the white, male landowners who pivotal in the overthrow of British rule, over time we’ll be attacked less by terrorists because we won’t be seen as terrorists.

3) We have sacked our systems of education, transportation and basic needs to fund the latest military toys. Credit cards are bad in the hands of first-year college students. They’re worse in the hands of generals. We can afford to cut the budget in half.

4) What Putin did not obtain in the first few days after 1/20/2017, the Chinese hacked. The biggest sitting ducks in the World are our aircraft carriers. This elephant in the room needs to be discussed now, as we try to salvage what yet another GOP administration left in ruins.

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Comment by pogden297 on March 15, 2021 at 1:23am

Please cite to me the budget numbers that suggest we have "sacked our systems of education" to fund the military. The feds only contribute about 8% of the budget of K-12 schools by the way.  Regardless, I am pretty sure you'll find that the past few decades increases in federal spending on education has well exceeded inflation as has state and local spending.   


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