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There's no monopoly on capacity for morality, especially by them.

“You can’t be moral if you’re not Christian.” These words express an arrogant belief about the certainty of existence and is a kind of belief, held by a few who are adherents of “dominionism”, that would exclude any but its adherents from political power.

There are a lot of problems with this specific interpretation of a system of beliefs. If a poll were taken, I believe a majority of people who identify as Christian, would say this view appals them, but the Falwells and trumps of the World do not care about others.

Other problems go to the nature of the belief that only one interpretation of the Judeo-Christian supreme deity can be correct. One idiot (a harsh, but the only apt, noun) explains in videos from his car how his supreme deity has told him such things.

These people simultaneously claim a monopoly on morality and that people are inherently evil. Of course they also want to kill people in wars, imprison people who believe differently from them, and limit the rights of people in many ways.

One such way is a by-product of their advocacy against science. If we had listened to scientists, far fewer people, than over half-a-million Americans, would be dead from COVID. The Federal government was absent from the fight against the pandemic until 1/20/2021.

I am a pacifist. I am against the death penalty. I cannot get pregnant, so I shall not support laws that restrict women’s reproductive rights. I believe we must control the means of production and the distribution of wealth, as we have, as a country since the 1890s.

I only can speak for myself, but I: (1) do not claim a monopoly on morality and (2) believe people (me, too) are by nature good. Barry Goldwater was right about one thing. Don’t let these preachers get control of things. I’d add - because these preachers are anything but moral.

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