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trump's "bloodbath reference was not out of context

After my post this morning about trump’s threat, during a speech in Dayton OH 3/16/24, that if he loses on November 5, there “will be a bloodbath,” one comment was “bloodbath” was taken out of context from a speech about the auto industry. YouTube has several replays.

trump talks for a bit more than a minute. He describes jobs going to Mexico that should be here. He then says that, if he is re-elected [FN1] he will put a 100% tariff on cars from China. Then he says that if he does not win in November, there will be a “bloodbath.” That’s a threat.

The “bloodbath” threat was not in relation to the auto industry, but what will happen if he loses in November.People can watch it for themselves. I have to crash in a short while. What trump said was a threat and a violation of I.C. 3-14-3-21.5. Quoting him is not out of context.

FN1. He was not elected in 2016. He lost the popular vote by 7 million votes.

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