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Threats of violence do not mean anyone "owns the libs"

Steve Bannon says opponents of trump will be imprisoned once trump returns to the Oval Office. [FN1] trump stokes anger at rallies w/threats of violence. Election workers are threatened as DOJ is “investigating dozens of threats” and has charged 20 individuals so far.” [FN2] 1/10

Those who claim to “own the libs” don’t understand a lot of things. One: threats can’t be walked back w/a lame “nuh-uh.” That didn’t work w/mama & it only makes you look like merde de poulet. Two: violence by the far right is real and constant. But what about January 6? 2/10

A) patriots sought to correct a stolen election; B) bored tourists strolled through the Capitol; C) a false-flag operation was planned & staged by Antifa & the “deep state”; or D) a botched attempt to overthrow our gov’t & deliver it to a dictator. Let’s see... 3/10

1) A & B are negated by 718 pleas or verdicts of guilty as a result of actions on January 6. [FN3] None pleaded “not guilty I was only a tourist.” 2) “False flag” a/k/a “Jaws” defense [FN4] can’t fly. Ppl accused of being Antifa turn out to be maga. [FN5] Besides 4/10

“The Lord” told Micah Beckwith [FN6] “I sent those riots” on Jan 6. [FN7] If Beckwith lied & made a bad call for a quick scoop about Jan 6, or if “The Lord” really said that to Beckwith, in the world of far-right nuttery, Beckwith’s stuck with what the “Lord” hath spoken. 5/10

Neither violence nor threats of violence should be tolerated, but there so much misinfo & disinfo. Let’s be clear: The Holocaust occurred. We landed on the Moon. Our country is threatened by the far right. “Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.” [FN7] I’m a pacifist on the left. 6/10

FN1. Bannon made the statement on his podcast.
FN2. 7/10

FN4. In “Jaws” one kid points at the other & says “He made me.” 8/10

FN5. 9/10

FN6. Ham Co preacher/Christian nationalist; appointed to Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) board of trustees where he helped mess things up & waste money. He wants to be IN Lt Gov.
FN7. Isaac Asimov, “Foundation.” 10/10

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