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Far right asserts w/reckless abandon just "Fine."

In 2017, I blogged about the 2016 election. Several threads made little sense, ate up my time, and always were rude. They were trolls: person who posts deliberately offensive or provocative messages for the troll's amusement, or to [cause] harm to other people. [FN1] 1/11

In 2016 Russian trolls tilted to trump, according to a Columbia University study. [FN2] On Facebook yesterday, a post expressed relief that trump was not in office for the bridge collapse in Baltimore. “Ted Fine” had a snarky reply. [FN3] [FN4] I responded. [FN5a] 2/11

I emphatically said do NOT use immigration as an issue, since trump shot down the bipartisan immigration bill so he can use it as an issue in this year’s campaign. [FN5b] This morning I saw another reply from “Fine,” saying I rationalized and contradicted myself. [FN6] 3/11

Trolls spew crap (I hope “Fine” washes his mouth before he kisses his pet gerbil) & state “facts” w/o citation to authority, because they are lazy & expect others to do the work. “Fine” should say where and how I rationalize. Maybe he can cite authorities. In the meantime 4/11

we need to correct fonts of such disinformation, as exemplified by “Ted Fine.” Cynicism & insults are mistaken by the far right as signs of intelligence. “Ted Fine” is cynical & drops insults here & there, but those two attributes can’t infuse > IQ to a brain stem. 5/11

FN2. 6/11

FN3. These footnotes will contain the full text of Fine’s posts in the exchange & mine reduced to fit limits. Also I wrote that Pres Biden won the popular vote. My post had a typo & should have read “2020,” not “2016.” 7/11

FN4. Ted Fine’s complete reply: “Yes, thank God! Maybe Biden will get around to visiting the site in a couple of years. Right after he solves the immigration crises Trump is responsible for.” 8/11

FN5a. [Don't thank "God." Pres Biden won 2020 popular vote. He's corrected a lot of the mistakes made by trump. Our infrastructure needs to be repaired in a lot of places. trump's tax cuts to the very rich only cut the money available for those repairs. 9/11

FN5b. do NOT bring up immigration. trump told lackeys in Congress NOT to pass bipartisan bill produced after several months of work... trump wants immigration as an issue. His directives to his toadies worked to exacerbate whatever problems are there. 10/11

FN6. “Wow! You rationalize so well there. I'm impressed. And you even contradicted yourself with a straight face. Double check marks for you.” 11/11

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