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Those afraid to debate can't claim to "own the libs"

A far right person can’t claim s/he “own the libs” [FN1] when s/he runs away from a challenge to debate. Micah Beckwith [FN2] wants to be the GOP’s nominee for IN Lt Gov. That nomination is determined by the GOP State convention. Beckwith can dodge pesky questions. Such as... 1/7

If Beckwith believes “The Lord” spoke to him [FN3] about Jan 6, Beckwith’s lack of concern for people charged & convicted is cold. Making things up is colder to a lot more people. Mencken said no one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public. 2/7

Beckwith has claimed to be a “true CONSTITUTIONAL conservative” [FN4] Use of upper case letters does not erase his ignorance & misunderstanding of The Constitution. The Framers did not invoke a deity in 1787 in Philadelphia. Jesus Christ is absent. We can debate. [FN5] 3/7

Until then, people should stop w/any comments about “owning” libs. In November this country might be under a dictatorship. There were no debates in the waning days of the Weimar Republic.
Debate fosters the marketplace of ideas. I hope the store stays open. 4/7

FN1. Wikipedia, “Owning the libs”.
FN2. Hamilton County preacher, quit half-way through a four-year term on Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) board & now seeks GOP nomination for IN Lt GOV. 5/7

FN3. In a 1/07/21 FB selfie video, Beckwith says that the “Lord” said to him: “Micah, I sent those riots to Washington. What you saw yesterday was my hand at work.”
FN4. From Beckwith’s 2020 INCD5 campaign posts. 6/7

FN5. My suggestions: “Topic: the USA is, and was founded as, a Christian nation.” He goes 1st for 4 minutes, then I have 4 minutes. Questions/comments from audience for 10 minutes. I have 3 minute rebuttal & he has 3 minute rebuttal. 7/7

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