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Talks w/"God"? Beckwith should not hold public office

If “A” claims to talk to “God,” [FN1] A’s right is protected by the First Amendment, and validity of A’s belief is irrelevant. [FN2] The matter is different when the person seeks political office & claims to talk with “God” about political issues. Micah Beckwith is such a person. [FN3]

Micah Beckwith wants to be the GOP’s candidate for Lt Governor of Indiana. On 1/07/2021, he posted a selfie video to Facebook saying the “Lord” said to him: “Micah, I sent those riots to Washington. What you saw yesterday was my hand at work.” This matters.

A basic question, though, is: do you believe Beckwith told the truth? He could have hallucinated the talk. Maybe he needs to get new fillings in his teeth to silence those “voices.” Beckwith seeks political office. People should not vote for someone who falsely claims to talk w/”God” -

and here’s an important part - about political issues. Beckwith is trying an end run on voters by seeking the GOP nomination for Lt Gov. Even this iteration of the GOP should nip this in the bud. Watch the video. I’ll try to put the link here.

FN1. For this blog, “God” can be whatever the person believes.
FN2. The truth or falsity of a religious belief and the sincerity of believers are safe from examination by any government. U.S. v. Ballard, 322 U.S. 78 (1944)

FN3. Hamilton County preacher.

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