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Micah Beckwith, Merde de Poulet, should not be IN LT GOV

On “Mouthwash” [FN1] 4/2/24, the central topic was debate in 2024's campaigns. To intro my 2-minute spot [FN2], John said I want to debate Micah Beckwith. [FN3] A real-time comment: “Micah would destroy Mark in a debate.” Beckwith, “Merde de Poulet,” will not debate me. 1/12

In poker, opponents’ words (e.g., cards to draw, bets) are important, but experienced players look for “tells.” [FN4] In 2020 I ran pro-choice & environment, anti-gun in INCD5's GOP primary. [FN5] On 2/1/20, Beckwith tagged me on twitter. [FN6] Sounds like a challenge to debate. 2/12

My reply, in part: “I look forward to the campaign, too. I’d rather a person like you, who obviously hates so many (e.g., LGBTQ folks) sees me as stupid. That’s a compliment to me!” [FN7] In my blogs, I ripped his beliefs. [FN8] [FN9] At a candidate event in March 3/12

Beckwith agreed to a debate, but refused to discuss date/time/place. Beckwith: Merde de Poulet. He an intellectual coward. Worse, his beliefs can accurately be called Christofascism. He had a hand in screwing up HEPL, cost the library a lot of time & $$, then quit. 4/12

Beckwith poses a danger. He believes only his kind of Christians have the ability to be “moral.” He won’t destroy me in a debate. I have experience & the facts. Plus, he has a “tell.” The back of his head gets smaller as he runs the hell away from anyone w/a clue. 5/12

Beckwith seeks an office that’s nominated by convention, not the primary. People know who he is & what be believes. Voters do not want to dial the clock back 100 years, to when people like Beckwith ran this State. 6/12

FN1. “Mouthwash,” John Schmitz’s podcast, is streamed live every Tuesday on Facebook and is re-broadcast on Mondays at 11 pm on Ch 40.
FN2. “smalltalk.” Appears at 8:30 into “Mouthwash.” 7/12

FN3. Ham Co preacher/Christian nationalist; 2020 GOP candidate in INCD5 primary. Was appointed to Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) board. & currently a GOP wannabe for IN Lt Gov. 8/12

FN4. Something that a player does w/o thinking that shows what they are really thinking, esp if they are trying to deceive.” Cambridge online dictionary.
FN5. I believe we cannot abandon a major political party to ignorance and bigotry. 9/12

FN6. “The Democrats called. They want their taking (sic) points back. You’re in the wrong primary! But I’m glad you decided to fake it in the GOP primary. I’m gonna have a lot fun dismantling the stupidity of your progressive ideology. Can’t wait to see you on the campaign trail!” 10/12

FN8. 11/12

FN9. 12/12

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