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This iteration of IN GOP isn't accountable to voters

In 1987's “Predator,” Blain played by (later Minn Gov) Jesse Ventura said the predator was “dug in like an Alabama tick” an apt metaphor for how this iteration of the IN GOP in 2005 used our election laws to grab control of the party & never give it up. If these laws aren’t changed? 1/4

Any political party should be accountable to voters, the most basic way being a take-over by the voters. IN’s GOP was set up to protect the control of a few. “State Committee is the supreme party authority in this state.” (State Rule 1-1.) How are director of the committee elected? 2/4

That’s governed by the Bylaws of the corporation. There are no links to any “Bylaws” on Sec’y of State’s or the GOP’s websites. I’ve twice requested & yet to receive copies of the Bylaws. I’m an elected PC (precinct committee) & won GOP’s primary for State Rep Distr 86. 3/4

GOP privately-held corp doesn’t sell goods & services, but seeks power & control. If the GOP were honest about its purposes it would not be successful. I’m Mark Small, anti-MAGA GOP nominee for IN House Distr 86. I approve of this blog & message. Hell, I wrote it. 4/4

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