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Vermont has a progressive GOP candidate for U.S. House! I'm not alone.

I’m the pro-choice, pro-green, pro-civil rts, pro-sep’n of church & State, anti-gun GOP nominee for IN House Distr 86 & have been blunt. We can’t abandon one the 2 “major” parties to forces of bigotry & ignorance. I’m not alone. Liam Madden is VT nominee for US House. 1/4

He served in the Marines & has worked in renewable energy, as a farm hand & as a waiter. He served as director of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He’s anti-MAGA GOP nominee for VT’s seat in U.S. House. trump talks about RINOs, Republicans in name only (“RINO”). 2/4

trump/racists he calls “fine people” R RINOs. GOP was the progressive party 4 decades: started as anti-slavery (1854), nominated Lincoln (1861), supported Reconstruction, led in fights for the environment from the 1890s to creation of the EPA & favored economic reforms. 3/4

Roe was wr by GOIP justice. Glad to see Madden running for similar reasons as I do. 100 years ago Hoosiers kicked “fine ppl” of the KKK out of power. We need to do the same, nation-wide. I approve of this message & blog. Hell, I wrote it. 4/4

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