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Society has a right to defend itself when children become weapons of ignorance. The defense is knowledge. The attack crystallized on 1/20/1981. Reagan demeaned knowledge. As California’s governor he gutted the State’s system of public universities.

Reagan was far from original: “Government isn’t the solution. It’s the problem.” He cribbed that from Eldridge Cleaver, one of the founders of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Reagan was pro-2nd Amendment for others, but wanted the Panthers’ guns confiscated.

For one opposed to government, Reagan ran up (then-)record Federal deficits. The U.S. needed a military on even greater quantities of steroids. Reagan knew a lot about war, as the only POTUS to have worn a Nazi uniform, the closest he got to combat in WWII.

Reagan’s policies lead to gutting public education. Education is essential to modern society. We have faced almost two years of pandemic. Basic principles of science, for example the theory of evolution, have been ignored. Too many people have died.

The ignorance has been built over several decades. Religious advocates have latched onto public dollar$ (a/k/a vouchers) to advance dogma while decrying those who “indoctrinate,” as they indoctrinate and teach to follow, not question those in power.

Tax dollar$ are diverted to voucher$ to indoctrinate children to believe that evolution only is a “theory.” COVID has a bigger field in which to evolve thanks to the many indoctrinated by these madrases. Reagan was more harmless As a Nazi: that only was a movie.

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Comment by pogden297 on September 6, 2021 at 11:20pm

Sorry, meant to say when did Reagan ever OPPOSE the theory of evolution?

Comment by pogden297 on September 6, 2021 at 11:18pm

When did Reagan ever push evolution? 

And, on one hand you say that Reagan was a huge spender running up deficits, but gutted public education.  First of all the President of the United States only signs spending bills passed by Congress. Shouldn't you be blaming the Congress for that spending, including the House which was run by Democrats the entire time Reagan was President?  The thing is Reagan wanted to increase defense spending and to get Democrats to go along he agreed to not veto their plans to increase spending on social programs including education, during his tenure.  That's unfortunate, but you can't ignore the Democrats role in the spending.

You know how much of the K-12 spending comes from the federal government?  About 8%.  That is EIGHT PERCENT.  There just is no evidence that Reagan decimated public education as President.  The one constant about K-12 education spending is that every year, regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican is in national, state or local office, it goes up, almost always well above the inflation rate.  K-12 spending never, ever goes down.  We pour a ton of money into education....over 50% of our state budget and 50% of our local property taxes.  Just throwing yet more money at education is clearly not a solution.

Thank God, parents now have choices regarding their children's education. They don't have to send their children to failing public schools simply because of where they live.  They can choose any traditional public school, charter public schools, or use vouchers to go to private schools.

Imagine if the state of Indiana were divided up into districts and you could only go to the public university/college in your district.    People would be outraged. So why are K-12 students any different?  They aren't.  Having a choice about one's education is a very, very good thing, regardless of whether one is going to college or to a K-12 institution.


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