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Pres Biden's State of the Union & Gov DeSantis's disrespect

I found Gov DeSantis’s tweet yesterday saying he wouldn’t send Nat’l Guard, as was requested, to “Biden’s State of the Union,” offensive. DeSantis is one of two early front-runners in the GOP nomination race for POTUS, 2024. He meant to show no respect to Pres Biden. 1/4

The GOP went off the rails a few years ago. We can’t allow a distinct minority to control a not-for-profit corporation that is structures so as to not be accountable to voters. We have to take over that party & change state laws on corporations that are political parties. 2/4

Crises abound. Putin is nuts & threatening to use nukes. His facial expressions have turned odd. Pres Biden is giving the State of the Union address tonight. For the governor of the Sunshine State to speak so flippantly is absurd, esp in light of Gov DeSantis’s COVID negligence. 3/4

We can’t let political parties insulate themselves fr control by voters. I’m Mark Small, pro environment, pro-choice, anti-trump GOP candidate for Indiana House Distr 86. I’ll listen to and cheer on Pres Biden tonight. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 4/4

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