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In the last 2 blogs I wrote how (1) the murder of Putin enemy Aleksei Navalnov & (2) statements by trump, foretell what can be as trump tries to retake the Oval Office that Putin stole for trump in 2016, or if the effort succeeds. Some comments I received ignore Hoosier hospitality. 1/7

After WWI, D.C. Stephenson arrived in Indiana to recruit for, and build up, the KKK. Power was from numbers of Hoosiers who joined up to be “Kluxers.” [FN1] He also took healthy cuts from $10 initial fees and $6 for robes to make, in an 18-month period, $2 million. [FN2] 2/7

Stepheon’s conviction for the death and rape of Madge Oberholzer killed the KKK’s power. The 500K Kluxers did not simply disintegrate, like the Orcs in the battle before the Gates of Mordor in “Returned of the King.” Racism is part of this State’s history, both past and present. 3/7

The other day I wrote Hitler’s Third Reich copied their Nuremburg laws after the Jim Crow laws of the South. Nazis regarded the USA as “the innovative world leader in the creation of racist law.” [FN3] Nazis saw a way to strip even native-born Germans of their citizenship. [FN4] 4/7

I apologize to readers bof this blog and peace-loving people of this World. I should have warned of the dangers of MAGA sooner. So please, register to vote. We need to fight these bastards. I’m a pacifist. That doesn’t mean I’m a doormat. 5/7

FN1. At its peak nearly 500,000, Hoosiers belonged to the KKK. Leibowitz, “My Indiana,” (1964 ed.), p. 191.
FN2. Id., pp. 192-93. 6/7

FN3. Maddow, “Prequel,” 2023 ed., p. 21, citing Whitman, “Hitler’s American Model,” 2017.
FN4. Evans, “The Third Reich in Power,” 2005 ed., p. 544. 7/7

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