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trump was put in office to hurt this country...

Pres Biden was wrong. On 2/29 in Brownsville, Texas, he was right: trump [FN1] ordered GOP members of Congress to “tank” a bipartisan immigration bill. [FN2] trump needs that issue. Pres Biden wants ppl to understand "clearly" that the border deal, a bipartisan agreement, 1/9

was tossed by partisan politics. Pres Biden could have used a stronger anatomical metaphor to describe GOP members of Congress ("show a little spine"). [FN3] Pres Biden was wrong when he said: "Let’s remember .. We work for the American people." 2/9

The pronoun “we” is first-person, plural. [FN4] In the context of Pres Biden’s speech, one may reasonably infer Pres Biden meant himself and trump. To “work for” means “to be a servant for.” [FN5] trump is a servant, but for the man who used cyber warfare (disinformation, etc) 3/9

to steal the 2016 election & hand the Oval Office to trump: Putin. trump’s fascination w/Russia’s dictator is described by Australia’s former Prime Minister as “really creepy.” [FN6] trump is Putin’s servant & has orders to harm and maybe destroy America. It’s been effective. 4/9

The sooner people realize what Putin did, the sooner we can try to repair the damage. All of trump’s actions in office, including/especially lifetime nominees to the Supreme Court, are void because trump took office via treason. 5/9

FN1. Few people w/a sense of decency can either read or hear spoken the name of the occupant of the Oval Office 1/20/17 to 1/20/21 w/o wincing. I won’t flatter myself by saying I am such a person, but I still wince & for their sake I won’t capitalize the “t.” 6/9

FN2. 7/9

FN3. The speech was on news feeds during “family hour,” so use of a more brusque image might have met w/some objections.
FN4. See, The American College Dictionary, 1962 ed., p. 1381. 8/9

FN6. 9/9

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