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Can you vote for someone who says only people like her/him can be moral?

The 2024 elections should frighten Hoosiers. [FN1] Indiana’s GOP is a not-for-profit corporation that acts like a closely-held, for-profit corporation. Insiders run Indiana’s GOP. The candidacy of one person running for Lt Governor, reflects an attempt to build distance from voters. 1/8

Micah Beckwith [FN2] wants to be GOP’s nominee for IN Lt Gov. He’s never won an election, general or primary, but on 9/8/22 w/o fanfare & w/a few minutes’ public notice he was appointed to HEPL’s board of trustees for a 4-year term. [FN3] He resigned 1/12/24 citing his “run for 2/8

lieutenant governor, which is consuming most of my time.” [FN4] Beckwith didn’t mention the national ridicule heaped on HEPL as a result of a censorship policy he pushed. He only quit after he no longer was in a 4-3 majority & before how much $ was wasted during his 16 months. 3/8

Beckwith only attains office, it seems, via subterfuge, SOP for this iteration of the GOP. He says only Christians can be moral, but not a “Hindu, an atheist or a Jew.” [FN5] We should deny public office to Beckwith and others on the far right. Beckwith is a great threat to Christians. 4/8

History tells us that, during the Reformation, lots of Christians killed each other. Do you believe only those baptized by complete immersion can be forgiven of sin? Do you crack your egg on the side or the top? 5/8

FN1. ...except those who drank the Kool-Aid®,” to denote die-hard trumpers via the cliche for suicide/murders at Jonestown, Guyana, in 1979. btw, Jim Jones served up poison-spiked Flavor Aid, a cheap knock-off of Kool-Aid.® See, Guinn, The Road to Jonestown, p. 440. 6/8

FN2. Ham Co preacher/Christian nationalist, 2020 GOP candidate in INCD5 primary. Beckwith was appointed to the Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) board of trustees was part of a short-lived 4-3 right-wing majority. 7/8

FN3. By-laws of the Hamilton East Public Library Board of Trustees, Art. 2, Sec. 2.
FN4. IndyStar, 1/12/24.
FN5. “The Church’s role in politics,” 10/19/20, Facebook. 8/8

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