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Ineptitude of trump means more people will die

Devotion to ignorance in the face of fact - scientific or other - marks the current administration. trump lied yesterday when he said no one could have anticipated this pandemic. In fact the Obama administration HAD anticipated it.
And trump then dismantled the framework that had been established to address a pandemic, going so far as to eliminate the job of the person who - this is “on point” - monitored health crises in China.
I cannot be so cynical as to suggest voters who practically worship trump should follow his advice and crowd their churches on Easter Sunday, a holiday trump describes as very important to him, although I doubt he knows its significance.
People should not gather and stand close to one another. That increases the risk of spread of COVID-19. Evangelicals are some of trump’s (few) stalwart supporters and, one may reasonably infer, are most likely to crowd those churches.
Given the demographics both of trump’s “base” and evangelicals - older and white - it is far more likely those who would vote for trump will become sick and die if they follow his advice. I have to say - follow science, not trump.
Congress is meant to act as a check on, not a rubber stamp for, actions of the President. None of my opponents in the (now) June 2 GOP primary for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District (INCD5) has indicated she or he would be anything more than a rubber stamp.
It is far past time that the American people say “enough”: we cannot surrender one-half of our two-party system to ignorance, bigotry and hatred. And trump is a font from which ignorance, bigotry and hatred flows.
We face thousands of deaths more because of trump’s ineptitude - he denied and delayed response to COVID-19, afraid his polling numbers would drop and impair his hold on the Oval Office. To vote for any of my opponents simply enables trump.
If you live in INCD5: 1) make sure you are registered to vote! 2) either vote early or be at the polls on June 2; 3) If you agree with me, please request a GOP ballot and vote for me; 4) If you disagree with me - vote for one of my opponents.
By June 2 it is quite probable that the only contested race for an office in Indiana’s primary will be for the GOP nomination for INCD5 in the U.S. House. If you agree with the ineptitude and prejudice of all that is trump: I DO NOT WANT YOUR VOTE.
If asked what is the significance of Easter, trump probably would say it celebrates when Jesus rose from the dead, rolled away the stone from his tomb, walked outside, saw his shadow and went back inside for six more weeks.
My name is Mark Small. I am a GOP candidate for Indiana’s 5th. I am pro-environment, pro-choice, anti-war and anti-dt. I believe in the traditional values of the GOP, not the bastardized values of dt and his minions. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it.

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Comment by pogden297 on March 25, 2020 at 3:23pm

I too doubt Trump, who has never been a practicing Christian, has any idea of the meaning of Easter.  The man didn't know what happened at Pearl Harbor either.  Ignorance, my name is Donald Trump.


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