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Reject the failed policies of this GOP leadership

Anti-science, anti-humanity and absorption with absurd ideas rejected long ago - these forces coalesced in this administration and Indiana’s primary elections have been kicked back to June 2. This administration bungled the COVID-19 crisis.
IF: you live in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District (INCD5), your vote can make a difference. ALL of the other candidates for the GOP nomination advocate the same failed policies of the past three years. trump has told States should find supplies where they can.
That means trump would leave States to fight it out for ventilators or other items critical to a fight against a pandemic. COVID-19 is precisely the type of crisis that requires Federal action. The other candidates advocate local and small government.
We should not forget about emphasis of profit uber alles: trump tried to corner a market on medicine. A German company was pitched by trump to sell rights to a medicine only to the USA.
And trump’s son-in-law’s little brother owns a company peculiarly placed to profit from various aspects of the pandemic (after consecutive years of eight-figure losses). If you do not find this disgusting, you should vote for Carl Brizzi.
Brizzi, as prosecutor here in Marion County, got 50% interest in a company that owned a building worth half-a-mil - in return Brizzi paid nothing. Imagine what he could make on a pandemic.
Brizzi knows people in the know. In 2016 people were saying Brizzi was set for a prominent role in Rudy Guiliani’s campaign for president. Back to today...
Most appalling is a combination of trump’s ignorance, his and other GOP officials’ callous disregard for others’ suffering and eyes always on profits.
An episode of M*A*S*H featured Harry Morgan as a crazy general who was appalled that tongue depressors were not reused. trump is upset that respirators can’t be reused. Hint: they can’t be reused.
Indiana’s primaries: quasi-open. A registered voter may request the ballot of either major party and vote. A voter overcomes challenge as a “real” R or D if s/he says s/he voted for a majority of the party’s nominees in the last election or promises to vote for a majority of the nominees in November. I.C. §§ 3-1-10-6 and -9.
I believe science is valuable. Believe what you wish, but the Earth is a bunch older than 6,000 years and evoultion is a theory - but “theory” in science is not a guess. It is an explanation based upon observation.
In health care we rank 37th in the World - and all but one of the 36 ahead of have variations on socialized medicine. And how has the “free” market done in this pandemic? Once the fed pumps money into the effort, we’ll see movement.
The dozen or so other candidates in the GOP primary are trying to out-trump and out-Jesus the other. They’re fighting for the same block of voters. If enough people cross over or vote for the first time in a primary as GOP: do the math.
Tea baggers jacked the GOP in 2010. They even were a minority then. Just because they were successful doesn’t mean the party is theirs forever.
If you live in INCD5 and eligible, please make sure you’re registered to vote. Any voter can request a GOP primary ballot. We face a constitutional crisis. The GOP has to be taken back from the minority that jacked it a few years ago.
My name is Mark Small. I am a GOP candidate from the nomination for U.S. House District 5. I am pro-choice, pro-environment, anti-war and anti-dt. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it.

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