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If we want to reduce violent crime, we have to reduce numbers of guns.

Friends say: avoid “national” issues as I run for City-County Council in the May primary. Their concerns are legit. I’m conversant on fiscal issues, such as TIFS (I’m against them) and money to pro sports (love sports, but hate subsidies to billionaires). I can’t avoid some issues. 1/5

Want to reduce deaths from guns? Reduce the guns in our city. Lauren Boebert, idiot member of Congress (R-Col) sd we have 4% of the World’s population &“only” 46% of the World’s guns. If we bury the USA in guns we only bury more bodies. We are not more free. Steps to take? 2/5

1) Don’t own a gun. (Guns are > likely to hurt/kill, than to protect, you or a loved or deter crime. 2) Advocate: owners of private businesses not allow people to enter “packing.” 3) CALL YOUR INSURANCE CARRIER & ask for reduced rates if you ban guns on your premises. 3/5

Gun ppl extol virtues of private property, but that goes 2 ways. They can’t come into your Home or onto your property “strapped”. If I’m elected to City-County Council in the May primary, Gun Freedom - i.e., freedom from the constant threat of gun violence - will be a priority. 4/5

I am Mark Small, a candidate for City-County Council in Indianapolis, District 2, in the GOP primary. I’m pro-choice, pro environment, pro-civil rts & anti-gun. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 5/5

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