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If Indiana AG Rokita doesn't believe the numbers he should provide evidence as to why

Todd Rokita, Indiana’s right wing, AG sued the Biden admin over vaccine mandates. Rokita doesn’t “believe any numbers anymore ... they’re politicized.” Set aside for a moment that the GOP has politicized COVID. Instead consider Rokita's duty as AG. 1/4

AG’s “rights, powers, and duties” are created by statute (See I.C. § 4-6-1-6) and been construed as giving AG sole responsibility for legal representation of IN. State ex rel Sendak v Marion Sup. Ct, 268 Ind. 3, 8 (Ind. 1978). The numbers Rokita doesn't believe relate to the pandemic. 2/4

People have died and the numbers are critical to understanding & addressing a pandemic. Rokita should tell us how the numbers are not worthy of belief, not simply lift a mandate to vax for COVID. Indiana public school students are required to be vaxxed for chicken pox, mumps, measles & polio. 3/4

In pandering to far right wing voters for a run at either Senator (2022) or Gov (2024), Rokita prefers ignorance to acting to protect the people of this State. Of course the numbers can be trusted. Rokita only advances crackpot ideas so that he can get a specific segment of voters, not protect Hoosiers.  4/4

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